Batman and Catwoman travel to South America to reunite with Gaucho, Argentina’s Batman Incorporated representative. But their trip may be cut short when an unexpected adversary sends things spiraling downward!

Variant Cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III

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  1. Jesus, finally

  2. Yay, it promises more Catwoman.

  3. About bloody time!

  4. Yay! Now we just have to wait for last month’s issue.

  5. I like how the cover to this is still the cover theme from January.

  6. @mikeandzod21  Yeah, it’s the inadvertant White Badge of Lateness.

  7. Batman Inc is just an excuse for Bruce to a vacation with one of his bimbos.

  8. We have more than enough bat titles to read while we wait for this. I don’t care if it’s late, just let it be GOOD!

  9. Yeah, I don’t really care that it’s late.  I more concerned that it has the “same bat-style, same bat-humor” as the first two issues.  I like the throwback to campy Batman.

  10. I wonder why this got stuck with the White Badge of Lateness, but Green Lantern didn’t, and Flash got it’s covers swapped to hide lateness.

  11. @Slockhart  Well, this is just the cover that was originally solicited. There’s no reason why it won’t change between now and Wednesday.

  12. @ctrosejr  Yep.  Complaining about lateness isn’t productive.  I’m glad it’s here.  While waiting, I did consume about 30 other books, so it’s not like we’re bored.

  13. Amircat’s right. Batman’s on holidays. Cut him some slack with the lateness, you bunch of bat-fremenies

  14. This is kinda inexcusably late. I’m not complaining, per se, but it’s time’s like these I wish DC would just let us know what’s going on and why things are late, y’know? I don’t know why DC, Morrison’s editors in particular, have this policy of silence and total media blackout whenever production and scheduling get screwed up for months on end. Just a quick press release from the editor could make the Morrison Waiting Experience a lot less annoying/foreboding/accusatory.

    Still looking forward to this a lot and am happy about buying it. It’s not like the storyline here has been really pressing or anything. So it’ll be nice to get (hopefully) more than one issue of this this series for the next few months.

  15. This better be good. The first two were OK, but OK isn’t enough for this.

  16. I love the art and the writing.  I’m soooo in.  Better late than never.

  17. i’m excited for this series…even if its snail pace schedule. 

  18. In the words of Bart Scott, “Can’t wait!”

  19. You know, now that I think of it…was Catwoman always part of that solicitation? Maybe some of the lateness came from Morrison noticing the cries to keep Selina on and rewriting the script?

    Either way, I’m so freaking game for this issue. 😀 

  20. I’m not gonna complain about the lateness, but I think we all know…’s late. Sorry I couldn’t think of anything funny to say.

    I hope this is good though, cause I want to love this series but Morrison is reeeeaaaaalllly making that hard.

  21. For the longest time I thought I had missed an issue or two! Glad to know it wasn’t me. Sad to know its late and by so much.

  22. @Franktiger —Bart Trademarked that phrase. you owe the guy some cash. too bad his team sucks. =)

  23. just as a little aside here, that logo is the prefect example of how to take an iconic design, over think the re-design and produce a weak adaptation

  24. The first two weren’t that great, but the $3 price is going to make it more palatable.  I loved Batman & Robin, I hope this book finds it footing (and a somewhat regular schedule) soon.

  25. @edward -yeah totally. 

  26. I don’t even remember what happened in the past two issues.  I’ve been following Green Lantern books so much more lately, I haven’t even bothered with Bats that much…

  27. @wallythegreenmonster  hahah, I know, was waiting for someone to police me there, wonder how much that would be actually.  Hate the Giants more though.

  28. I recently rewatched the talking with the thhe gods so im refreshed and ready for this issue! can’t wait for some paquette

  29. I better usethis now before Charlie Sheen trademarks it.

    This title is “Winning!”, in all categories except for punctuality. 

  30. About time this thing shows up. Looks promising though.

  31. Sounds good, more Catwoman is always good IMHO. If it takes a little extra time to make the book a quality one, I say take the time. I waited a lot longer for a book than this.

  32. So glad to see this book. I definitely noticed it was late, but did not care one bit. This is the book I was hoping for ever since Morrison started writing Batman. Now that we’re past all of the RIP/Doctor Hurt/Final Crisis/time travel nonsense, we can get on to telling fun, intelligible stories. Can I get an Amen!

  33. I’m looking forward to this issue. It could come out four times a year as far as I’m concerned. If it keeps Grant Morrison writing Bruce Wayne, I could honestly live with an extra-sized quarterly.

    @froggulper: They don’t tell us because it’s none of our business. Your suggestion is part of the fanboy mentality that publishers meet all our petty demands because they owe us for our readership. Contrary to popular belief, each one of us is not singlehandedly keeping the comics industry alive. Putting out a press release for every late book is just a waste of more time. A press release doesn’t make it any less late. It would just draw more attention to the lateness, cause a bigger stir, and give internet whiners another pedestal to bitch from.

  34. @WheelHands  –i’d add to that…they also don’t have to. We’re still buying it. Its one of the most pulled books this week. Sure there are some guys out there who think that they’re Spartacus making a stand and not buying it, but it doesn’t seem to affect sales that much. 

  35. @wallythegreenmonster: Exactly.  

  36. @wallythegreenmonster  I agree with nearly all that you are saying.  But I have to disagree with your connotation of those who are refusing to buy.  I give them credit for standing up for what they believe in.  If you are in the camp that cares about lateness (which I, admittedly, am not) doing something is far, far superior to the lack of integrity displayed by those who whine and then give the publishers their money.

  37. @MisterJ —i do agree with you on that complaining but giving the cash anyways. kinda lame. For all the lateness complaints, this book still has 200 something more pulls than the next book behind it. fascinating. 

    At any rate, can’t wait to read it tonight!

  38. Personally I don’t care if it ever comes out! Bought the first one and feel asleep reading it, done. Have not bought anything else and do not plan on it>

  39. This was fun to read and silly…..but the tone of this book is bugging me. Is this suppose to be a reimagining for the silly, Silver Age Batman or is Morrison doing more crazy ‘RIP/Return Of’ storylines? Cause the stuff with El Gaucho was great to read (even if there was no translaton for his narration) but the stuff introducing the villain just felt way to much like how he writes for Final Crisis or RIP. That and the art really didn’t look good to me in a lot of places. Ironically the two pages Pere Perez drew look much better then Paquette/Lacombe’s work.


  40. There is not a thing I don’t love about this book.

  41. And with that issue I’m out just not working for me

  42. Is it just me or did the hostage look like Bruce Campbell?

  43. I really enjoyed this book.  It’s very close to being my pick of the week, but I have one issue with it.  It’s kind of a nitpick but it really bothers me.  The whole I’m Batman posing AS Bruce Wayne thing that Gaucho actually buys.  That’s just TOO silly.  It took me out of the story.

  44. @nukethewhalesagain  Same here on the whole Bruce Wayne disquise.  Then I took a deep breath, and said to myself, “I will not let this ruin this book for me” and pressed on.

  45. Wow, this book was totally worth the wait if you ask me. Like dude, Bruce Wayne tango dancing? Awesomeness. This is totally Morrison channeling the fun 70’s globe trotting Batman and I’m loving it.

    One question though, (SPOILER) was the hottie that Bruce was dancing with the same villainess from the last page?

  46. So Batman just lets that guy fall out of the hot air ballon to his death?

  47. this issue was very OK. I wish i could read Spanish better to figure out those panels. I might drop this book, or fit it back in 3 months from now when the next issue drops. 

  48. Seems strange to complain about the lateness of a book. If it takes three months to be awesome, then it takes three months to be awesome. It’s not like there aren’t any other good books to read.

  49. Not gonna sit here and pretend I understood a lot of what was being said in this, thought Morrison was done with his pretentious, esoteric schtick, was almost bewildered enuf to enjoy this by the end of it, glad Bruce still gots his macdaddy skillz.

  50. @Aquapimp……lol I thought the same thing, Batman is cold blooded now

  51. @AquaPimp82  – Maybe Batman only has the one grapple gun in his belt? It was expended just to get on the balloon. The thought really didn’t occur to me until you pointed this out.

  52. I was very underwhelmed with this issue, it was okay, but I was hoping for a little more I think.

  53. @RolandofGilead & Aquapimp82: no, it’s ok to let the villain for to his death. it’s in the superhero guide book 

  54. @DarkKnightDetective  I believe so.  Also wasn’t she one of the international villians from RIP?  I don’t have my books here so I can’t check.

    So glad El Sombrero is back.  He was an awesome concept and I was sad to see him go in RIP.

  55. This issue was simply awesome! This is easily becoming one of my favorite comics. 

  56. I keep foregtting this title is even out there until the next issue finally comes out.  Kind of sad but it is enjoyable; only wish DC could get it out on time like other, less bought titles.

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