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• Batman’s world has been devastated by his war against Talia, but is he willing to give up on his own humanity?

Story by Chris Burnham
Art by Jorge Lucas
Colors by Ian Hannin
Letters by Dezi Sienty
Cover by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 2.7
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  1. I get the 70s tokusatsu/Kamen Rider style of Jiro’s outfit, but i do miss the original Inc vol.1 Mr Unknown costume.

    It is nice to see a bit of goofiness in a DC book though:)

  2. Not long to go with this, then it’s all over! Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. I love Batman, Inc. Wonder what will happen to all the other Batmen….

  4. Isn’t this the issue Burnham is writing or is that the next one?

  5. This quote seems to work well for the cover:

    “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.”

  6. Previews are not as cool as Burnham’s though … 🙁

  7. I sorta like the costume but man, this was completely left-field for me.

  8. What a mood killer, after last issues insanity I may as well have run home for this…. for this? Roll on next month and more epic Morrison off-beat action .

  9. This was a real let-down for me. It was fun in places, but mostly it just fell flat.

    Throwaway villains, pointless characters and an overly disposable story. Nothing of any interest actually happened.

    This might have been a nice diversion earlier on in the series, but now, at the end, its just a real mood killer. I waited 30 days in order to see what happened after Issue 10’s awesome cliff hanger and instead I get…This?

    Can you imagine reading this story in trade? You’ll be following this exhilarating, impossibly tense, narrative and then you’ll get ‘MEANWHILE, IN JAPAN, SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER WAS HAPPENING…’ Soooo annoying.

    Also, I really hated the achingly hip references to mobile phones and Youtube. There are better ways to employ modern technology in fiction.

    The art was kinda nice, evoking a sort of Kirby-meets-Manga feel, but not up to the usual quality of this book. The character design was pretty bland as well (Biker Rangers? Come on). Overall, this may be my least favorite issue so far.

  10. This was awful!

  11. This is kind of like watching Return of the Jedi and right after Admiral Ackbar yells “It’s a Trap,”they insert the fucking Ewok Movie.

  12. What…why?

  13. This was kind of a mess. Grungy art and unending quippy dialogue.

  14. Was there a reason Grant Morrison gave the writer’s helm to Chris Burnham? It seems odd for him to hand it over with only a couple issues left.

  15. Aw, I’m sorry the rest of you didn’t like it – I thought it was a whole boat load of fun! If you set it aside from the rest of the Batman, Inc. storyline, I found this to be exactly the type of light-hearted action/adventure story that I’ve been missing from superhero comics. If this is the direction Batman, Inc. goes after Morrison’s run, I’m on board!

  16. It was a nice little story that may have felt more at home in the previous volume or as a special or maybe they should’ve crammed this into that special they’re doing after the series wraps.

    And while I share the sentiment that this issue stalled the monthly momentum of the title at one of its most “interesting” turns I loved the multiple Tezuka-isms and the return to exploring the life of an international batman…

    We’ll just have to treasure these last 2 issues a little bit more…

  17. Well….this was just terrible.

    Burnham, while he has every right to experiment, should just stick to being an artist. This read like a Silver Age comic and not in a good way. If he wanted to go to crazy town on this he succeeded but the dialogue in this was borderline atrocious. The characters weren’t interesting, the plot made no sense, and at the end I was bored by all of this. The art by Lucas did not help matters either and I could rant even further on how much of a mess THAT was.

    If this is how Batman INC is going to be after Morrison then count me out. Let’s just get Morrison’s run over with shall we?


  18. This was the worst issue of Batman Inc. since the computer-generated “web 3.0” issue.

    Seriously though, why did they even bother publishing this issue? I would have rather just waited another month for something written by Grant Morrison…

    • I liked the web-generated issue. I thought it the art was good and the story was creative. I liked this issue too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Web 3.0 makes an impact on the story’s ending. Alfred the cat sitting at the grave was good to see too. Reminded me of a Black Casebook story and I dug it.

  19. Holy bat guano this was bad! I mean WTF?

  20. I really liked this! It was silver age fun in a modern context with cool.references to earlier Batman Inc issues. The art worked for me. While I would have liked to have seen Bruce hopped up on Man-Bat serum, this was cool and a nice off-beat change to all the seriousness that’s been happening in this title as of late.

  21. I think part of the reason this issue happened was so Burnham could get 12 and 13 done with little or no help. The second half of issue 10 switched artists every two pages, which was really distracting. I’ll gladly wait an extra month, if it means no more fill-ins. I mean, if you like Batman Inc, aren’t you used to waiting by now?

    I liked this issue. I thought it was pretty imaginative. The Batcave looked cool, I liked how they got their costumes on, and the aquarium restaurant looked like a fun place for a date. The humor was hit-and-miss for me (other than “promiscuous butt chunks” I didn’t really have any objections). The New 52 is a pretty dark place. I guess I was down for a silly, fun comic.

  22. As we near the end of Morrison’s awesome run some have mentioned, me included, that they are going to re-read the whole thing once it is ended. I found this which should be helpful to any new readers who would like to read it from the start…….

  23. Fucking loved this!!! POTW BABY!!

  24. This was terrible, everything about it especially the art just sucked. If I didn’t know that there was two more issues left & that Morrison was coming back I would’ve dropped this pretty quick. Which means I will definitely not be getting the special out in August!

    If we could have shit of the week this would be it!

  25. This was awful, and the tardis reference?! WTF!?

  26. I haven’t read something this bad in a long time. The best things about this issue was the Dr.Who reference and the very end when it switched us back to our regularly scheduled programming. How did this issue even get past the editor? The art was bad too.

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