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  1. First I heard of this, but with Waid writing and Lee’s cover I’m sold.

  2. Yes, I’m on board …

  3. Barcelona loves you, Batman…… music geekyness over.

  4. This isnt in continuity right?

  5. Who cares if it’s in continuity.  I’m excited to see Mark Waid write Batman.

  6. I would just like to know is all

  7. @BrandonP: I’m pretty certain it’s not in continuity.

    I wasn’t even aware what this was until today, but if it’s Mark Waid writing Batman, I’m there.

  8. I’ve never seen a Jim Lee Batman cover like THAT before….

  9. i heard about this ahile ago, but im glad to see it out.  lets hope it’s Kingdom Come/ Fantastic Four Waid and not 2nd Flash/ Spider-Man Waid

  10. Batman one shot? I’m in. Mark Waid Batman one shot? Possibly my pick of the week 🙂

  11. Hmm, since it’s a one-shot, I’ll probably get it.

  12. I seen some of the Art by Diego Olmos and it looks awesome,  one cool shot has Bruce flying into

    Barcelona and the plane shadow is the Bat symbol!  GOOD stuff!  I’m ready for this one shot.

  13. @BrandonP: Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound condescending.  I just don’t want people avoiding this simply because it doesn’t "matter".

  14. *Kory

    Ya understandable. I too believe a good comic is a good comic, but I miss Bruce Wayne. So if he pops up in this book that wouldn’t be too bad at all.

  15. >_>

    You should probably take Conor’s approach with continuity and just accept what stories are in continuity and what aren’t.

    For me, the end of Batman is Dark Knight Strikes Again xD no matter how convoluted and unlikely it may be.

  16. Wow… Diego Olmos drawing of Barcelona is worth the cover price itself, not to mention the pretty good story by Mark Waid.  I was looking forward to this one-shot — glad it’s as good as I expected.

  17. Why can’t it be in continuity? Let’s just say it takes place before the Morrison run. That being said, I thought the art was great. The story was kind of mediocr, nothing to right home about.

  18. Some great art but the story is absolutely pointless.  They should have made a in continuity story about Dick’s first international adventure as the new dark knight.

  19. It’s not pointless if it’s telling a story, it’s just a one shot, nothing wrong with that.

    Anyway I thought it was alright, just a staight up Batman story.

  20. A comic book’s primary function is to tell a story and to entertain.

    All of these continuity concerns are mind boggling.

  21. Was anyone elses copy really messed up?

  22. This was great most of the time Gotham is one of my favorite things about a batman story nice to see Barcelona for a change though. Oh and also Bruce as Batman is never bad:)

  23. I loved the art in this book, but as a Waid fan, I kind of found the story itself pretty lacking and the ending rather groan inducing. 

    Oh well. I’ve read a hell of a lot worse.

  24. Anyone elses book screwed up? I have duplicate pages in the center repeated about four times. Made it a little difficult to follow and Im not sure I got all the pages.

  25. Ive definetely read worse. A solid 3 for a decent story and fun art. I missed you Bruce!

  26. Fantastic 4-star book for me.

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