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It’s Batman vs. The Architect! The downfall of a major Gotham family! The betrayal of Damian Wayne! It’s all here in this final issue, plus the untold fate of Gotham City’s first Super Villain!

Be here as GATES OF GOTHAM sets the stage for a bold new direction in the Bat books!

Art and covers by TREVOR MCCARTHY
Variant covers by DUSTIN NGUYEN

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Well I’m sure this solicitation is wrong considering last issue. I hope this ends strong because the story was getting really good.

  2. Really hoping this is a solid book. I’ve loved this mini-series but felt last issue fell a little flat.

  3. Last issue was a huge let down. I had been really into this up until last issue and I really hope the solicitation isn’t wrong.

  4. I decided to trade wait on this on. Can’t wait to read it!

  5. I know a lot of people have been disappointed by this, but I honestly can’t see why. I’ve loved it from start to (hopefully) finish. And from what Snyder’s said about his ideas for the new Batman comic, this seems like it’s going to play an important role in that.

  6. It seems to me that Scott Synder came up with the idea for this story and that was pretty much it – Kyle Higgins is writing this one. Synders name carries a lot of weight these days and keeping it associated with this comic is helping it sale I’m sure. (see Flashpoint: Project Superman as well)

  7. i like this book! i dont understand any of the negative criticism on this. its just as strong in issue 4 as it was in 1, if not stronger. i want to know who it is exactly thats in that suit (kick ass design on the suit, it rocks!) i mean, of course i assume it is someone in the gate family, but who? is it the dead brother come back to life, nicholas or even a decendant of them?!? or is someone totally unrelated? on the edge of my seat and i dont understand why everyone else isnt. feel like im taken crazy pills over here!

  8. I’ve loved this series. It’s been great to see the bat-family working together, I’ve not read a lot of Batman so it’s been a nice change to see all the characters working together.

    It’s a fun mystery, and the flashbacks have been really interesting. Excited to see how it ends.

  9. I’ve enjoyed this month to month, but I’ve had a hard time keeping all the beats in my head during the breaks, so I’m pumped to read the whole thing in one chunk later today!

  10. Any disappointment from this book really just stems from the fact that Scott Snyder has just delivered an incredible run on Detective Comics so anything less than that opus just seems pale in comparison.
    Make no mistake though, Gates of Gotham is an above average Batman mini. Personally I really enjoyed the use of Cassandra Cain, I hope we see more of her.

  11. McCarthy’s art was top notch in this one (even more so than in the early issues, which I also liked). Maybe the Graham Nolan layouts pushed him over the top?

  12. This ended pretty strong in my view. McCarthy’s absence in #4 makes total sense considering these are the strongest pencils he did for this. The two page spread in this was beautiful and some credit should go to Graham Nolan too. I’m glad I stuck out to the end, it was a funny mini for the summer.


  13. Fun, but didn’t quite stick the landing for me. Ah well.

  14. here i’ve been wondering who the architect was, and its on the first page, did they figure it out last issue and i just overlooked it. im going to have to reread this series, im clearly lost

  15. Man, this series had so much potential. Too bad it ended up just kind of being there. It was alright, but nothing to write home about.

  16. Has Nolan done any pencils recently? In my opinion, he drew THE Batman of the 90’s. I’ve always loved the Dixon/Nolan/Hanna Detective run during that time.

  17. I wanna read this again now that I have all the issues, there’s a lot of story in these 5 comics. This story made me realize I’m gonna miss Dick as Batman too. Do you think Bruce’s appearance is a lead in to Snyder’s Batman? Could be!

  18. Really loved this. I’d like to see a follow-up from this creative team tackling something with these various power-families of Gotham squaring off in a big epic story similar to Game of Thrones with Gotham as their kingdom/war-zone, though that might be too similar to the War Games storyline from a few years back. Gotham geography and history are such intriguing subjects, though, that I think they could do it in a really fun way, whether in present time, 1800s, or somewhere in-between.

  19. The way Batman comics should be. Thank you for one last run before continuity undone.

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