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  1. The art looks great.  I dont know if i should pick this up or not.

  2. I think the concept for this book/universe could turn out very very good.

  3. Love me the Doc Savage!!!! I wonder how many people have no idea who he is anymore.  I think the answer will make me sad…

  4. I know who is he!

    This seems like a book with a lot of potential and the preview looks nice.  I’m rather excited.  However, I’m also afraid my shop won’t have it.

  5. I’ve heard of him before, but wouldn’t be able to tell you who the hell he is. The premise sounds interesting, especially with Azarello on board.

  6. Ron Richards : ” Get That !”


    Azzarello + Noto. ’nuff said.

    High expectations is bad,though.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. Very excited. The potential is so high for this First Wave stuff.

  8. Anyone know if this going to be Bruce or Dick as Batman?

  9. @CronyC: If I had to guess it’s probably Bruce, but it probably won’t matter either way.

  10. @CronyC This takes place in a separate universe and timeline from the normal DCU. It is a young Batman that uses guns, and I don’t think it would make sense if it was anyone other than Bruce. Even though it’s probably Bruce, it’s definitely not the exact Bruce we are familiar with.

  11. noto’s art is fantastic. its the only reason im going to pick this up

  12. The Batman on the cover has an almost Asian/manga influence. I’m unfamiliar with Noto’s art, but is this influence something I should expect from the art within the book?

  13. OUCH @ the price tag! A 56 page prologue to a mini??? I don’t remember ever seeing anyting like this before.

  14. Is this a mini? Great. LOL.

    Have you seen noto’s website? Vain!

    @Ruo21 : there are previews. Check them out. He’s more painterly than manga, i think.

  15. @NathanNicdao: No, this is a one shot that introduces a new world that will be explored in a mini-series next year.  If this were many years ago it would be called an Elseworlds book. These days it’s a new world in the DC multiverse that is pulp-inspired.

  16. @Conor Do we know what other Pulp heores will appear in this mini or will it just be The Man of Bonze?

  17. By the way I am so glad to see this have so many pulls!  Maybe more people know about Doc Savage than I give credit for?

  18. @Hawkboy: It looks like the mini-series is going to feature: Batman, Doc Savage, The Spirit, Justice Inc, Black Canary, Rima The Jungle Girl, and The Blackhawks

  19. @Hawkboy: To be honest, I had never heard of Doc Savage before this. I like the idea of pulp heroes, but really have no experience with them. I’m getting this because of Azzarello, Phil Noto, and the preview art for First Wave.

  20. @Rustyautopats: Really? Thats surprising. He was the main basis for Superman.

  21. @Win: So I’ve heard. I’m still learning about the history of comics, which is why I’m glad this series exists. I love when the past is revisited, as it can create great new things as well as spark an interest for the old. If I like this, I plan on looking into some of the old Doc Savage pulp stuff.

  22. DC is hyping this left and right!

  23. Thanks Conor!!  looks like Doc, and Justice Inc. (I’m assuming that will mean The Avenger) are the only true Pulp heores being used… but I’m okay with that.  Those are two of the best!!!!   Now if only they’d do some more Shadow comics!!!!

  24. Bet you 5 bucks Doc Savage is Batman!

  25. How can the average rating be 8?

  26. How can there be any rating at midnight on a Tuesday which is when this was rated!?!?!!   I think many people on here just rate based on what they think it will be like or along title allegiance.

  27. Issues like this make me REALLY hate the fact that I have to preorder everything. Six pages in, and I have absolutely no interest reading any further. A couple of bucks that I could’ve used for coffee is gone.

  28. I preordered it as well from Midtown which gave a 30% break so I wont cry too much but my expectations are low.

  29. it WAS something to read. Pencils where inconsistant, but colors where sick. pretty bummed it was 4.99 after reading it.

  30. @Hawkboy: Some people here work at stores and get their books early. Some people get review copies.

  31. @Conor : Ok. I’m more amiliar with the Elseworlds concept, so, thanks.

  32. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m damn excited for "First Wave".

  33. @Mustbedamned: I am very excited. March seems so far away. I’m really interested to see who is working on the ongoings that spin out of this. I’d love to see Azzarello penning an ongoing in this pulp universe.

  34. Felt a bit slight but very enjoyable with amazing artwork.

  35. I really liked it. I wish Phil Noto was drawing the main mini as well.

  36. "I’ve got to get a bigger Alfred"

  37. Is this just a one shot or a mini?

  38. @USPUNX: As discussed above, this is a one shot that leads into a mini next year. It also says "ONE SHOT" on the cover.

  39. Did anyone else find Batman’s use of guns a bit jarring? Im not totally against it, but it took some getting used to. his hatred of guns just feels so natural for the character that seeing him go against that inclination felt very strange

  40. @mikegraham6:

    What appears "unnatural" may come as a suprise for some. The original Batman was a gun-carrying hero. One of my favorite stories is the original appearance of Dr. Hugo Strange and his Monster Men. Batman killed one of these Monster Men using a machine gun. Wow!

    I can’t wait for more of this.

  41. That was fun.  I’m not a huge fan of the art.  Just not my style.  I’d give the art and the writing a 4/5. 

  42. So this is Batman: Noir?  I enjoy that sort of thing though and like the potential here.  I’m not a huge fan of Noto’s art, glad he’s only doing the prologue.  I kept thinking how awesome it would be with Risso on art.

  43. @weaponx: No, this was not anywhere near noir. This was more Batman Pulp.

  44. @conor:  While I’m no expert, I’ve always thought of pulp as a style and noir a genre.  Within pulp fiction you have many different genres.  There’s pulp westerns, pulp mystery, pulp romance, pulp war and even pulp noir.  One reference describes pulp noir this way:

    "Pulp noir often portrays a gritty, one-man army. Typically, the main character has no distinguishing abilities, but can hold ground against seemingly impossible odds. Pulp noir locations are often seedy, run-down and degradated urban landscapes, where the lack of law, morals and even the proliferation of crime and drugs are common themes. Another common trend in pulp noir is the glorification and/or demonization of its urban locations."

    Sounds like the Batman and Gotham found here.  So I certianly wouldn’t say "not anywhere near noir."

  45. @weaponx: I would disagree with that characterization of this book. I didn’t find this to be noirish in the least.

  46. I don’t find it noirish in the least either. There also exists plenty of noir that also has nothing to do with pulp.

  47. @weaponx None of what you have described above really applies to Pulp Heroes like Doc Savage, The Spider, The Shadow, The Avenger and so on.  ‘Pulp noir’ is a sub sub sub genre that has nothing to do with the heroes that will be used in the upcoming mini nor do I think it was even truly around (The way you describe) in the 20’s and 30’s when these pulp Heroes were king of the newsstands.

  48. Wait! This specific comic was written in the 20’s and 30’s?  They may be using the old character models but they certianly don’t plan to use the writing style from 80 years ago.  Again, pulp was a style not a genre.

     I looked around the web and found many other comments and bloggers who got the same vibe as myself from this issue.  So I know I’m not crazy or wrong.  To each his own I guess.  🙂

  49. I was merely pointing out what you got out of this comic was never associated with characters like Doc Savage…. nor do I see where it applies to this current book.  If it was, what would be the point of using Pulp heroes in a ‘style’ (Hopefully that will put to rest anymore semantic arguments) that has nothing to do with roots of these characters? 

  50. So, yeah, Batman.  Let’s keep our hands to ourselves, shall we?

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