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I went into this with excitement and enthusiasm. After reading it, I wasn’t sure how to feel. The art wasn’t what I expected nor was the story.

But, I came to realize something. This truly is the definition of a teaser to a future title.

I also realized that isn’t a bad thing.

Doc Savage and Batman are certainly not the pair I’d expect in a team-up. I also never thought this “First Wave” universe would be coming. But disconnecting myself from all of that and taking a look at the issue at hand, it was a mystery.

We spend a lot of time with both characters, who, by their meeting, appear to be very early in their careers. Bruce is young and cocky. Doc is composed but curious.

In the end, this book was a teaser. It’s setting up what will hopefully be one of MANY stories involving classic characters. It ain’t perfect, but I know we were given as little as possible.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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