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In “Ghosts” part 2 of 4, Batman continues to work with the Gotham City Police as well as his new friend Callie to figure out who the creature is who’s been terrorizing Gotham. The creature raises Batman’s curiosity when he seems to know everything about Batman, including the fate of his parents. But as the body count rises, Batman stands on the verge of losing a friend – and much, much more!

Written by Sam Kieth
Art and cover by Sam Kieth

Price: $2.99
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  1. Excellent cover,

    Last issue was amazing on the art, so-so on the writing. Hope the writing improves but the art stays the same. Great stuff so far.

  2. 1st there was that cover where Bats looked like he was stalking that bikini chick on the beach, now he looks like he’s drunkenly stumbling away from killing that dude in the snow. "Oh man… I think I took that snowball fight too far…"

  3. Batman Confident!

  4. Sam Kieth is killing it on the art, some of the best work you’ll see by him.

    Shame the story isn’t worth mentioning…

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