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  1. I actually got on this two weeks after #26 came out. That issue was really good.

    The story so far is a bit by the numbers, but it’s only a three part series so Weir/DiPillipis probably cant do much other then the main story. But the art I say is worth the price tag. Incredible pencils and some of the best use of colors I’ve seen in a book in a long time. Hope this is just as good as the previous issue.

  2. Just read 26, the art is indeed lovely.  Looking forward to this – it’s still a nice sanctuary from all the upheaval of the other books.

  3. What strucked me was the use of pink and purple.

    Those are colors you dont see very often (at least the comics I read). I dont know it just makes this comic look very surreal. I like that.

  4. I wish the Riddler could have his own series…..

    Great issue btw

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