A new era begins with the debut of the oversized, monthly BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED, featuring the print debut of the new Justice League Beyond!

In the Batman Beyond chapter, legendary Batman artist Norm Breyfogle returns to draw the Dark Knight of the future with best-selling writer Adam Beechen. In “10,000 Clowns,” an onslaught of new Jokerz is plaguing Gotham City – and the implications of this chaotic clown menace could have disastrous consequences for Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne!

And the debut of the Justice League Beyond is here, courtesy of the BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM art team of Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, as the first two digital-first chapters are available in print for the first time! Batman Beyond is a new recruit in the mighty Justice League, but the team will be immediately tested by a very Neo Gotham-related enemy! How will the team work together to combat this threat?


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  1. Norm Breyfogle. Awesome

  2. Breyfogle, Nguyen, and Fridolfs in one book? That’s amazing.

  3. So i’m a batman beyond nub. Is this a good jumping on point or would I better off picking up an older trade?

  4. Man, want this, but I bought the installments online. Do I dare… double-dip?

    This has exclusive content, right? It’s not all digital reprints?

    • there’s a justice league beyond part in there. i’m sure you already knew, but yeah. don’t know if there’s anything new.

    • I can’t speak for the whole book, but I know the 10,000 Clowns story is all new, as the pages were only completed less than a couple of months ago!

  5. Will there be owls?

  6. Well I am ready to give this a whirl..will this be part of the DCU from what Earth and what time period I guess? I like the last Trade I picked up so therefore I will give it the old try!


    • It’s continuing the TV series while also expanding on newer concepts, so it’s like an “in-between”, if that even exist… Still, last volume was great!

  7. Can’t they put Nguyen on a bigger book? I’ll pick this up to see his work, but I can’t say I’m too excited.

  8. Finally, it’s coming back! 😀 I’m a huge fan of Batman: TAS and Batman Beyond, the first volume of this by Beechen was great (but the art sucked ass, hard). Saw Norm Breyfogle pencilling this new volume: super excited about it! 😀

    And yeah, Justice League Beyond and Superman Beyond eventually in it!

    It’s definitely a great time to be a comic book geek! 😀

  9. SO looking forward to this!

  10. is this a must buy for batman fans? I got a preview on CBR and am not sure if it is really worth the $4

    • Only if you’re a fan of the TV show or the previous volume. It’s a different continuity than the comics. I find it a must, but again, I’m biased since the 1992 Batman show stole my eternal love for it! 😉

    • Ya, when i was a kid i loved teh show too, i guess ill just have to give it a go and see if i like it, i mean, norm is a master so why not? haha

    • the*

    • Dude, re-watch the whole Batman: TAS/Batman Beyond show. It’s even better with adult eyes, trust me! 😉

    • ive tried, but i cant find the seasons anywhere, ive looked at all the bestbuys i can! And their not on hulu….do i have to buy them over amazon?

    • This issue is extra long. It felt double length to me. It took me twice as long to read it anyway. Other than Fantastic Four 600, this felt like the meatiest comic I’ve read in a while in terms of quantity. Certainly a bargain for four bucks with very few ads. Read my non-spoiler review for the actual content.

    • @lazycricket: you can order it on amazon for cheap for sure (all three seasons in one package) on DVD though, nothing on blu-ray so far except the movie.

  11. Ok so I don’t understand is this just a collection of what’s already released digitally? I checked comiXology and this didn’t come out so does that mean if I just pick up the current 2012 two issues of batman beyond and justice league beyond it would be the same as buying this one comic? They are only 99 cents a piece on ComiXology so they are cheap but just wanted confirmation on where I needed to start.

  12. Gave this a 4 for it’s first issue, I really liked the saturday morning cartoon feel; that is probably the best way I could describe it right now. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that, I really liked it. I do recall some of the cartoons on TV from this so that helped me to get right into this story and other than that just a solid opening!


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