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  1. Nice of DC to keep the majority of prices at 2.99 , but all these titles for the "death" of Batman. MEH

  2. Fabian Nicieza is a great writer I’m looking foward to see how he handles Batgirl in this story.

  3. Awesome almost every Back Alley Superheroes of the DC Universe is joining forces to keep the Peace at Gotham City.

  4. I like the line-up of characters! Hope this is one of the better BFTC issues.

  5. Aw yeah, this should be great, Batgirl & Huntress? Count me in. Hopefully this holds up to the standards set by the other BFTC tie-ins.

  6. The best part of this book was the Blackest Night ad that showed Aquaman as a Black Lantern…

  7. Yo, what if they had a Batman MAX? You know, like Punisher MAX?

  8. I think this was the weakest of the BFTC tie-ins (yes, including Man-Bat), but it wasn’t horrible.

  9. I thought this was probably the best of the BFTC tie-ins. Maybe not as good as Oracle, but on par with it at least. 4/5 stars, and another hit for BFTC tie-ins.

  10. Yawn… Unnecessary and a rip off of the recent Dark Knight film. Niciezia obviously phoned this one in to work on other projects. Why exactly is Hugo Strange 1) Alive?, 2) Running a Floating Casino? Those aren’t plot holes, those are incongruous character actions.

    2/5. I still like seeing Califiore art.  

  11. same here. 3 pages in and i already wanted to throw it away

  12. also were those 3 batmen in the begining in other cowl tie in books? i didnt get who they were or what they were supposed to be doing.

  13. I thought it was pretty good, you gotta love a book where Batgirl quotes Empire. Would have liked a bit more Ragman though … & the 2nd last page made no sense to me. One panel the truck is driving & the next panel it’s smashed to pieces withouth hitting anything. Can someone explain?

  14. Anyone?

  15. It’s Monday and I forgot what this book was about already.  Oh well.

  16. I flipped through the issue in the store because I’m a life-long Ragman fan. Ladronn’s cover contained a perfect representation of the character. I found Calafiore’s version inside and put the comic back down.

  17. Loved this issue. Love these characters. Can never get enough Oracle.

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