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  1. I am so tempted to pick this up because of that gorgeous Landronn cover.

  2. I’m not getting any Battle for the Cowl stuff right now, but this one is tough to resist. Love me some Gordon.

  3. eh…i think im gonna wait until i can hold it and check out it’s guts before i decide wheather im gonna pick it up.

  4. This is tempting….but I’ll pass.

  5. it’s a light week for me so I will certainly pick this issue up.  I’ve become very interested in BFTC and it only a one-shot as opposed to yet another mini…

  6. I’m in. Splash Gordon on the front of a bat book where it seems he should be by himelf and I’m sold. It’s been too long since OYL and we haven’t gotten much from him since.

  7. I’m cautious on this but I’ll be checking it out. Hopefully it’s good! The cover looks great.

  8. Excited that Commissioner Gordon is starring in his own book. Less excited that it’s by a writer I never heard of.

    PS – Agreed on the cover. Friggin’ SWEET.

  9. Yeah, the cover is pretty great.

     I liked the last Azrael issue, so i’m going to try and keep up with these individual issues, especially if its a a good character like Gordon.

  10. @balsalm – Yeah, that’s the way I feel too. I typically don’t like event books with a lot of tie-ins, but as long as the books are good and the characters are interesting I’m all for it.

  11. Commissioner James Gordon versus one of the Dark Knight’s greatest enemies Mister Freeze this one I gotta to read I’m buying this comic book really I just don’t know if Commissioner James Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department can take out Misters Freeze. 

  12. Jim Gordons solo story + Mr. Freeze = me buying this comic!

  13. man, i hope there is some awesome in-your-face paper work and admin action in this issue!

  14. After having no strong reaction to Battle for the Cowl #1, I’m really digging the tie ins, especially the two this week.

    Not too keen on the art with this though.

  15. I thought this was good. But it was a quick read, and didn’t really say much on it’s own. While I definitely enjoyed it, I also could have done without it. I already knew Jim Gordon kicked ass.

  16. I gave this a 3/5 (‘Good’). I thought it was just what it needed to be, a short, quick little story about how the GCPD is doing without Batman. I’d be perfectly content if the rest of this series was exactly like this. I can definitely understand the notion that it doesn’t really stand on it’s own, but I thought it was a fun little book, and I’ve no reason to drop it. Not a POTW contender for me, but a solid, fun comic book.

    Also, I’m a sucker for anything Mr. Freeze.

  17. I give it 3/5 also. It’s average. Please forgive me as I am kind of new to comics (last year), but I didn’t like the art that much (except for Mr. Freeze). The story was good though; pretty quick and to the point.

  18. At first, I hated the part with Freeze complaining that Gordon couldn’t have beat him on his own and that Batman must’ve helped.  But the more I think about it I think all the villians, as cocky as they might appear, can’t help but feel like he could pop back up at any time.  An interesting idea I hope doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

  19. I thought this was pretty bad. I dunno why it took 22 pages to tell this story, hardly anything happened, it could have been told in 2 or 3 pages in the BFTC …also, I don’t like the premise. It’s saying that Gordon & the GCPD are lazy & just wait for Batman to do thier work, but now they HAVE to, they can take guys like Freeze down easy? That makes both the GCPD & Batman look bad.

    How did Gordon rip them chains out of the floor, by the way? On ALL the previous pages both his hands have seperate chains & are locked to the floor, then on page 13 he’s strangling Mr Freeze with one single chain between his wrists … art error? Writing error? Gordon has powers I didn’t know about? Then Gordon blows up the building … but he’s safe because he’s hiding under a table …while Bullock is busy yelling at another cop "How dare you take 30 seconds to care about the welfare of your child, you selfish bitch!"….

    Ahh lol OK, rant over, sorry 😛 This was not good.


  20. this really was batter than it had any right to be.  The story, though a little hackkneed, was better than the Denny Oneil story awhile back, and even Mandrake’s art, which i usuaully cant stand, was decent at some points here (there was still some bad/ awkward linework, but not as much as the last time i saw him).  plus, it makes a reference to the first Gotham Central arc and it ties in nicely with everything that happened in Battle for the Cowl (which i wasnt expecting these one-shots to do)

    hey, by the way, where the hell is the next issue of the Gaimen/ Kubert Batman story?  i would think that witht the 8-9 month lead time that this story would be ready and done and good to go.  and wasnt it supposed to be out two weeks after the first one? i mean, Kubert and Gaiman both used to be able to produce books on a monthly basis.  Granted, they are double sized issues, but still, they had 9 months lead time.  even john cassady could have done 64 pages in 9 months.

  21. I was somewhat entertained, but overall thought this felt more like a filler comic, covering a gap in the larger Battle for the Cowl storyline that they didn’t want to use 3 or 4 pages of the main title covering.  It makes me a bit hesitant about spending more money on the following one shots.

    And I agree wth the above (unrelated) comment about the incredible delay to the 2nd part of the Gaiman story.  What possible (good) explanation could there be for it?

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