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  1. I’m actually looking forward to  this.


    I’m getting all the  "BATTLE FOR THE COWL" tie-in books,  I hope this is better than the MAN-BAT one shot.

  3. Battle for the Cowl sagas are so awesome I’am looking forward in buying this comic book  I already bought the First Issue of The Battle for the Cowl maybe I’ll bought it all until the end of the saga.

  4. Cool Jeremy Haun.

  5. Can’t be worse than Oracle

  6. Can’t be worse than Man-Bat.

  7. The Worst "Battle for the Cowl" Tie-Ins


    #1 Gotham Gazette

    #2 Oracle

    #3 Man-Bat

  8. I’m not sure if I liked this or not, I just know it was pretty creepy.

  9. This book scratched an itch I didn’t even know I had!  Personally, I want to see this as an ongoing!


    the Tiki 

  10. This was a definite hidden gem this week. I wasn’t expecting much, in all honesty, as I’m not a big David Hine fan. But we got an interesting spin on battle for the cowl out of this. I have to say though, I wish we could escape this trend of trying to make every Arkham story a sequel to Morrison’s Arkham story, because this had a similar feel as well as having very Morrison-esque (Doom Patrol-y) characters.

    Still, I thought Alessio was an inventive character, the other two aren’t exactly terribly new, Narcissus being blatantly based off that myth and a little bit of "Man Who Fell to Earth" thrown in to balance it out. And the reference for the Hamburger lady is given right in the book. Still, interesting read and warmed me up a bit to Hine, which hasn’t happened in years. 4/5

  11. Most of the BFTC tie-ins have been pretty good, and this was no different. A very solid 4-star book.

  12. this was far better than it had any right to be, and it is, by far, the best battle for the cowl one shot yet.  and creepy as hell.  and the art was almost like jim califore meets michael lark, whitch was really good.

  13. Was Man-Bat that bad?? Ha. 

  14. This book was incredible – this opened the door to a whole different side of the Batman experience that we really have not gotten enough of to this point.  David Hine can flat out write and I think he was made for a twisted tale like this one… I wish it would have been a mini instead of a one-shot.  Loved it. 

  15. @BrikHed – I completely agree.  I sincerely hope we see these characters (villians?) again in the near future.  They make my skin crawl.

  16. I would definately pick this up if it was an ongoing.

  17. This was awesome. The best thing so far to come out of BFTC (IMO). Pity the best book is a one-shot & not a mini!

  18. Is this readable if you haven’t been following BFTC?

  19. Definitely deadspace. All you need to know is that Arkham Asylum is where Gotham keeps it’s mental patients/costumed criminals.

  20. Cool, even I know that 😉 Might pick this up next week.

  21. I bought this comic book awesome story line cool art work worth buying.

  22. I went and picked it up today. This was really really good! I wish there was more 🙁

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