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Get ready for the upcoming blockbuster videogame with this exciting lead-in miniseries written by the game’s writer, Paul Dini (BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM).

The focus this issue shifts to The Clown Prince of Crime and his crazed paramour, as The Joker and Harley Quinn set up their new love nest in the old Gotham Metal Works. What role are they looking to play in the new Arkham City – and is Batman even in a position to do anything about it?

Paul Dini, Carlos D' Anda

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  1. Is this coming out this week? I thought it was delayed for a week…

  2. I was thinking it was next week too.

  3. Yeah, dc page has it listed as next week… either way I’m looking foward to it.

  4. I like the artwork in this. It is really the only reason I got this Batbook in the first place.And of course, Paul Dini. I am still chugging through the mean corridors of the Arkham Asylum game

  5. Every new issue brings us closer to the next game. Awesome


  6. I read the first two issues at a Barnes and Noble because they had them for some reason.

    Not the best comic in the world, but a lot of fun. It really does help that Paul Dini is doing this and both games because he gets the characters even with some radical design changes. Art is really good too, although the frozen smiles of some of the characters are a bit creepy. 

  7. Any way to tell if this is this week or next week?

  8. The art is great the story is leading us into the game. This has beena great series so far.

  9. Does Batman have cauliflower ears or was that just part of his disguise in this issue? I’m loving this series but to have a villain that’s bigger than both the Joker and Penguin tends to minimize their importance.

  10. Sweeeeeet! This was an awesome read. I’m really getting geeked for the game

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