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  1. you know what im intrested put me down for some of this by the way im counting this as Azreal -1

  2. I forgot Nicieza was doing this Annual before Azrael #1 comes out. I believe this is very important if you want to jump into the new series.

    Having said that, if I have the money I will get it.

  3. This and next week’s Detective Annual are killing me this month, but damnit, that Azrael mini was one of the best things about BftC.

  4. @TNC – the question is.. what if you’re NOT going to jump on the Azrael series?  I’m on B&R, Batman (though I may be dropping it), and Detective.. trying to find out if this & the Tec Annual are skippable.  They’re a little pricey and sadly I’m looking to cut some books..

  5. @JMS74: If that’s your criteria, I would recommend skipping the annuals.

  6. I don’t know. I’m kinda broke too, but I gonna have to try to swing for this. It looks damn good in my eyes. Not B&R good, but close.  I think I could live without The Unseen though.  Now that just sounds like something that would be better in trade, but what mini series doesn’t?

  7. @JMS74: Well I guess if your not gonna get the new series; then it won’t be important in the long run. I’m sure this is gonna be written in a way where it’s both:

    A) Accessible for readers

    B) Give some time of connection to the new series.

    I would try it out though. That 3 issue mini from this summer was a nice surprise for me.

  8. I won’t be reading the new Az series but as a Batman collecter I gotta get this, even though I’m not a huge fan of the writer’s previous Gotham related comics. And $5 for an annual (double that in my crazy money) — holy baby jeebus.

  9. Thanks all for the thoughts.  It’ll be a "flip thru at the store" situation this week on this one.

  10. I am second guessing now that I have so far only been able to scrape 11 dollars together to spend at the LCS. I’m only gonna be able to afford three regular priced comics from that.  If I pay $5 for this, I won’t be able to afford more then ONE other book so fuck that. 

    Bottom line, I wish I could check this out cuz I am a Batman whore, but it just cost way too much dough!!!

  11. I gave this a 4 mostly because the rest of my stack has sucked so hard this week.  I loved that BftC Azrael mini, and all this did was make me want to read it again.

  12. Ehhh… this issue was problematic, to say the least. I kind of liked the art, but it had some serious problems; any time the angle was far from the characters, their features quickly dissolved (I know a lot of artists do this, but usually from much further away angles, this guy did it from very short distances) and Damian seriously suffered from Drawn Like a Tiny Man Syndrome. That said, I did like the Dick/Damian banter; we’ve had sparse amounts of it in the B&R series and it’s nice to see a few longer conversations. I also like seeing more prime examples of Dick’s manner of carrying himself differently from Bruce while under the cowl; more light hearted and, as pointed out by the cops, more talkative (although, you’d think he wouldn’t be so quick to work w/ them sans mask) Altogether, I mostly liked the main story and am interested, a bit, in the conclusion.

    The backmatter, however… yeesh. The Nguyen drawn, super-deformed part was excellent…-ly drawn. I think I would’ve liked it more if it was just a big picture instead of them trying to tell an actual little story. It left me wanting to actually see a Batman Kart race, but that race occured between panels on a 2-page story. 

    Did Kelly Jones forget what women look like? Ever since Sandman I thought Jones’ work was wildly inconsistent; this was ridiculous. 

  13. This was a big let down.  I just really didn’t like it at all.

  14. What was with the no masks? Are their identifies no longer secret? I have been reading Batman, Batman and Robin, and Detective Comics and have seen nothing like this before. Am I missing something?

  15. I think the point was that they were still in disguise.  I didn’t care for that much though.

  16. @USPUNX
    I’ll concede to their doing that because they were partially disguised, there’s probably no ID on Damien since he almost certainly isn’t in an actual school, it’s easy enough to see his face considering it’s only covered by a domino mask, and Dick isn’t nearly as recognizable as Bruce was; he’s not a public figure in Gotham. Although you’d think Commissioner Gordon/any cop there who was on the force when Dick was Robin or Nightwing would recognize him to an extent, which is something Dick’s trying not to let out of the bag (that he wants others to believe that it’s the same Batman as before so as to appear to be unstoppable).

    If they had one panel of Dick putting on face putty like an actor (even better: if Alfred helped him, as a nod to Alfred’s former profession!) to look older and mask his features, I would’ve had absolutely no problem w/ that scene. 

  17. Also, if you think about it, the grey hair/beard is just as much of a disguise as the domino mask he used to wear as Nightwing. You’d also be amazed how different a simple hair color change can make a person look. I admit I felt similarly while reading, but it isn’t totally out of left field.

    While the art was so-so, the story kept me interested. The real deciding factor on the ongoing is if I like the art on that. I can tolerate mediocrity here, but not in the ongoing.

  18. First story was OK (though it would have been nice to get a full story in an Annual) but the second story was pretty bad. I think Kelly Jones drew all his pages in about 15 minutes, it’s like he wasn’t even trying.

  19. @captbastard: You should read Jim’s article today. Sometimes stuff happens off panel. Sometimes the reader is given a little credit to fill in the blanks. Personally, I don’t know how these superheroes fight crime all day without ever going to the bathroom, and I have to assume they never go to the bathroom because it’s never shown. Right? Or should I just fill in the blanks? 

  20. I really like the new Azrael.

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