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  1. This book is dangeroulsy close to being dropped.  I might give it one or two more after RIP ends.

    Has anyone looked at the cover for #15?  Why is Night Owl from the Watchmen on it? 😀

  2. ^I think that’s "Owl Man". I think he was a character in the JLA: Earth 2 special (series?), but I don’t know anything else about him. Rumor is that in this incarnation he’s really Alfred.

  3. Interesting, as I heard some RIP theories involving Owl Man.

  4. are they changing the title to just "the outsiders"

  5. @tdog- yes the febuary solicitations have the new issue as outsiders #15

  6. Dropping it with this issue.

  7. One Batman leaves the title, I’ll most likely be going with him.

  8. i really enjoyed this. why hasn’t it been this good the whole time?

    also it should have just said "batgirl" on the cover.

  9. I think Batgirl being part of the Outsiders really fits her character.  Between this series and the current Batgirl miniseries, I think she’s really been involving into a more interesting character.  Tieri has been doing a superb job, and when Tomasi comes on board, it will continue to be good.

  10. Wait … when did Spoiler have the power to turn invisible? Did I miss something?

  11. better than expected but that doesn’t make it good

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