• Robin leads Batman on an unrelenting hunt across the globe for family secrets that promise to change them both forever.

• If you think you know Bruce Wayne…think again!

Story by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by John Kalisz
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by Andy Kubert & Brad Anderson

Price: $4.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Looking forward to this. 🙂

  2. Love the cover!!!

  3. I don’t understand the reason why some books get Annuals and some don’t. I thought they usually come in after every twelve issues but that’s clearly not the case.

  4. Did this cover change? This is the one from the solicits.

  5. I loved every page of this book. I’m excited for this series to breathe on its own without crossovers cutting off the rhythm of what Tomasi and Gleason are doing. This put aside all of my fears about where the series was going. Easily my POTW.

    • I agree. This was great and without crossovers we will really be able to see the relationship between Bruce and Damien grow or who knows, maybe even disintegrate. Is it just me or do you guys have trouble trusting Damien too? In my humble opinion, Tomasi is underrated. He writes good stuff.

  6. This was a great story! Instant classic in my opinion.

  7. I have mixed feelings about this one. The art was good but the plot was not to my liking. The epilogue was good though, made me chuckle.

  8. I take it this takes place after DOTF?

  9. Laughed out loud when Damian was doing the Batman voice. “It’s BATMAN. And I hate kids.”

  10. What’s up with the costume? Does this somehow relate to Morrison’s future Batman? I almost picked it up but didn’t want a $5 issue that I’ll never read again, so I put it back.

  11. Don’t usually bother with Batman And Robin but this was brilliant. A lot of fun and a lot of heart. May start getting it again now DOTF crossovers have finished. Well untill the inevitble Riddler storyline crossover books.

  12. I dropped Batman and Robin a while ago but heard good things about this annual so I thought I might as well pick it up. I’m so glad I did. So much fun. My POTW.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If you can pick this up, pick it up. Serious contender for PotW.

  14. Very close between Hawkeye #7 and this for PotW for me, but I chose this issue because of how well executed it was the entire way through. Oh, and imagining Damian doing the “Batman voice” just cracks me up.

  15. Tomasi writes a great story, and this was a great connecting story between Bruce and Damian (Father and Son). I really enjoyed it. My pick of the week.

  16. This was awesome and a really good Father-Son story. I love this kind of stuff. Alfred at the end was hilarious too.

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