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The “Born To Kill” saga concludes in a storm of fire and water, as Batman and Robin find themselves beaten and battered emotionally, as well as physically, as the fate of NoBody is revealed!

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by PATRICK GLEASON and MICK GRAY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.6%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I think this arc has been too long. It could’be been four issues long.

    • I’ve really been enjoying the hell out of this book, but yes, I’m ready for a new arc. In general, I find myself preferring shorter story arcs these days.

    • @blkassassin106: totally

    • Although it did seem kind of long, it has been a really great read. Sure it probably could have been done in in like 5-6 issues, but then it wouldn’t have as much impact. I’m definitely ready for the next arc though. One of my favorite books coming out from DC right now.

    • As much as I understand most readers’ preference for shorter, more fast-paced narratives, I have to disagree … there is a lot going on in this book in terms of Damian’s character development and the story of his and Bruce’s father-son relationship. To quicken that slow burn would have cheated and cheapened it. I was skeptical at the beginning of this arc, because it appeared they were preparing to travel ground with Damian that we’d already seen in Morrison’s B&R run. But I like the direction this is going at the moment. Some readers still have a hard time investing in Damian, but he has emerged as a complex and compelling character. And now this book ties in with the Night of the Owls saga. This will be fun.

  2. Second most pulls? I’m well aware it’s only Monday and that will almost certainly change but still, pretty good for a book that wasn’t on my radar at all. Is this worth picking up?

    • Last month’s was excellent. I’ve started picking it up because this is a slow week for me. Not much else to get me to the store.

    • This is a great book (much better than the dark knight and detective) and well worth picking up, the first 8 issues will be collected in the first batman and robin new 52 trade so you could start with the owls crossover in issue 9 next month if you cant find the last 7 issues.

    • get it.
      it read great in singles, i can only imagine how much better it reads in one sitting.

    • get it, get it, get it, get it now!!!!!!

  3. Arc is a bit long, but the last two issues have been worth it. I doubt Damian killed the guy but they are going to have to do a mighty big cheat since he’ll have a huge hole in his head.

    • I’m pretty sure he killed the guy. He beheaded The Ghost in his introductory story, and brought Bruce the head as if it were a gift. Relaunch or no relaunch, he’s essentially the same character he was in Batman and Son, so it’s not exactly new ground for him. The emotional gut-punch that comes with Bruce realizing that Damian hasn’t really changed all that much under his and Dick’s guidance is really what it’s all about.

    • Yep. He dead. What wrong with you? I say you he dead!

  4. I prefer a longer arc (especially when issues are only 20 pages) this book has done a great job of working its way onto my pull list and retaining a unique vibe through the tsunami of bat-titles each month.

  5. This has been an amazing read, emotional and action packed!

    When Batman yelled “YOU THREATEN MY SON AND EXPECT TO LIVE!?”, I pissed my pants in fear! 0_o

    Hands down, this is must-read material to any Batman fan out there and would be the best Bat-book on the shelf if not for legendary Scott Snyder’s run on Batman!

  6. This is one of the best Bat titles and looking forward to the out come from Robin’s violence from last issue….


  7. Lookin’ forward to this. Last issue’s ending was a doozie.

  8. Brilliant Book. Couldn’t recommend it enough. Truly a shared Batman and Robin book which truly explores the growing dynamic between father and son, mentor and disciple. Tomasi is a great storyteller and Gleason while not in my fave list of artists delivers for this book

  9. 5 star issue all the way. stellar

  10. Great issue. Tomasi and Gleason really have something special here. The last page with the two panels of Bruce and Damian each looking up at the signal? I got chills.

  11. I honestly wish this wasn’t crossing over into “owls” I’m excited to see where it goes next.
    Easily in my top 5 new 52 titles.

  12. Avatar photo Parri">Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Great end to a great arc.
    A particular nod to Gleason for his amazing art all the way through this.
    The panel is this issue where Batman is carrying Damien out of the battle on his back is perfect. About as close to a father and son moment the pair have reached.

  13. This was a 5 and I liked the father son situation between Damian and Bruce, I think this has become a real change for The Batman. I am really not sure what happened to Batman from the end of DC’s old universe and then the ending in Flashpoint but. it seems he has become a lot more sensative. I am not sure if I like it however; I think since this is a reboot and everyone knows his origin; they are going to build him up and tear him down in a bad way. There are so many variables that are going on right now in the Batworld that I can see many different things going on. His smack to Dick Grayson and his new found fatherly ways with Damian and this court of owls; I think at the end of this something is going to snap again and Bat’s will be reeling in anger and pain all over again. Thoughts:
    Damian turns on Bruce just as he really opens his heart and mind to him.
    Dick is pushed away more then ever by the Bat and then Tim comes to thier rescue?
    Jason just does not care to be part of this Batfamily as it seems however something will draw him back in and there will be tension for all.
    I see this all coming to a head very soon and I am not sure I trust Damian at all. This all makes for some great suspense, mystery, action and some real tension and I am loving it.


  14. Wow, I loved this issue, it had everything you could want from a Batman story.

  15. This has been my biggest surprise of the new52. I had no intention of reading it at first but it is now in my top 5. Another great issue. The art really puts this over the top.

  16. A fine conclusion to an arc that has really found it’s voice, I’m going to leave myself open here and state that so far since the relaunch this is my favourite Batman book on the shelves. With the exception of some of the unnecessary flashbacks earlier on this title has delivered a pitch-perfect tone and pace. Unlike other titles seems to have had some genuine ramifications for the characters involved too.
    I’m not sure what lies ahead for this title but for the time being it seems to be in safe hands.

    (Only Saga prevented this from POTW… can I award two?)

  17. Absolutely adored this issue. It was the perfect conclusion to the arc and I like how Bruce handled the situation with Damian killing NoBody.

  18. Loved this arc. Damian is just amazing. You hate him, you love him, but he came thru. Batman took it to the next level when Nobody threatened his son. You saw the darker side of Batman, and Damian did what he thought his father wouldn’t. This issue was great b/c it was the resolution after the conflict, and it truly addressed their relationship throughout the issue, rather than make it a 2-3 page spot.

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