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“Dark Knight, White Knight,” part three of three!

As The White Knight makes his final, bright stand against the darkness and corruption of Gotham City, Batman and Robin find themselves trapped in a war of good and evil… but no matter who wins, the Dark Knight’s city will surely suffer!

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by GENE HA

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. To be honest, I am glad this arc is coming to an end.  Not Tomasi’s best work.  I don’t think he ever quite got Dick or Damian’s voice right, IMHO.

  2. I like the idea of a White Knight.  It’s a nice counter balance on a few levels.  Also glad to see this wrap up for the new team!

  3. Between the writing and art, this has been a really cool little arc. That being said, I REALLY can’t wait until Winick’s run begins.

  4. yup, pretty medicore

  5. LOVE that cover

  6. I think Tomasi’s last two issues have been the best B&R since Morrison’s first three issues. Is he going to be coming back?

  7. Can’t believe this is gonna end with these two so quickly. I can’t wait till they come out, but it’s a real bummer.

    Also, that cover is gonna give me nightmares. Cause I put my recent comic pile next to my bed and I just know I will wake up at 9am and see those eyes. 

  8. I can’t wait for Winninck either…

  9. Cover looks great this month and well the art has been really good since the very begining. I like this book it has been very good and maybe a few bad spots in the story here or there but it has been enjoyable to read for the most part.


  10. This was a soild issue, not as great as the first two issues, but still great to read. I hope we see more of White Knight cause he is a great new villain for the DCU. Also, great Gleason art as always. I’m gonna give Winick and March a shot but I have no problems dropping this knowing it’s gonna take months before we see another issue by these two. (If at all)


  11. I really dug this one. A nice wrap-up. The stakes were high, and the resolution was organic and believable (with the exception of those net-guns). The White Knight has a lot of potential. I’m lookin forward to his story being revisited. I really like the rogues gallery the creators have hashed out for Dick over the last couple of years.

    And how bout them projectile ears?! Never seen that in all my years.

  12. Liked the ad in the back.

  13. Solid but not spectacular. It’s hard to follow up G-Mo. Really wasn’t even excited about picking up this issue, and almost considering passing; but thought better of it, and picked it up anyway.

    Story was very simple. Nothing overly imaginative.

    This is probably a good jumping off point. I’ll stick with Batman, Inc. and Detective for my batman fix.

  14. Yawn

  15. Damian is nice and nasty in this, loved it.  Some great kinetic art by Gleason in this as well, and sweet Batmobile design by Gleason too.  Tomasi ain’t no Dini, but this was way better then Detective I think.

  16. Pretty good, I give it a 4. I will stick for Winnick since he’s been killing it on JL:GL of late.

  17. Finally read it this weekend and it was just ok with some good art work.


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