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• Someone calls a meeting of the ROBINS, but who and why? And will the exiled and egotistical RED HOOD answer the call?

• RED ROBIN learns of DAMIAN’S betrayal – but how long will the youngest ROBIN’S lack of discipline stand?

• Many of Gotham City’s villains blame BATMAN for their downfall, but what happens when they stand together in a pact to bring the DARK KNIGHT down?

Story by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
Colors by John Kalisz
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, & John Kalisz

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. This is a cracking cover 😀 Hopefully the story will live up to the promise!

  2. Jumped on last issue to a bit of a stinker, but this set-up is too good to resist.

    • Yeah, last issue was kind of an aberration. Other than that stumble, this book has been a lot of fun!

    • I was okay with last month’s issue. It was on par or better than the other Night of the Owls books.

    • This was a book I really didn’t think was going to be all that great. To my delight, I have really enjoyed it. Including last issue. I like Damien and its fun to see his character develop from issue to issue.

  3. Hated Red Robin in the Detective Comics ish. Hoping to see a better Tim in this book.

    • Tim was in the last ish of Detective Comics? I guess I should have been paying better attention to THE BACKGROUND!

    • I think he means The Dark Knight, but since both issues sucked they can easily be confused with each other. This series on the other hand has been awesome. I even liked last issue.

  4. I haven’t read a single bit of Jason Todd since the relaunch so I’m pretty intrigued. Tomasi has been consistently good.

    • Red Hood and the Outlaws has been fun. If you can get the back issues for a steal or borrow it from a friend it’s a good read. Not the best DC has but very fun. Jason is a likable character in his own series so I hope he’s a little more of the bad son in this book.

    • red hood and the outlaws is in my top 5 of the new 52 books. you should check em out

  5. Liked the first arc well enough, but last issue was so memorably awful that I might drop if this isn’t good. Hoping for the best, though, and intrigued by the premise.

  6. This has been a great title and I like the idea of get all of these Robin types together and maybe get to some understanding who is the best or was the best!? Either way I like to see how Damian and Jason play with Tim and Dick, they really do group very well together like this don’t they?


  7. All the Robins in one book? And it’s drawn by Gleason? How is this not higher on the pull list?

  8. Tomasi is the best writer at DC right now

    • One of them, at least.

      I’ve been enjoying this and Batman about the same, so other than he and Snyder, no one else comes to mind for me.

    • Mgriffith I second that. Synder and Tomasi are the two best at DC right now. GL, JL, Action Comics and the Flash have been ok-good books but anything Synder and Tomasi touch have been pure gold (excluding B&R 8).

    • @robby-He is good. I am a fan of his GL Corps stuff too.. @jpriester I have been underwhelmed by the Flash. It’s defiitely readable, but I’m disappointed.

    • This is good comedy

  9. really looking forward to seeing tim drake handled by a good writer

  10. This could well be my Potw! (This or Batman or Fantastic Four.)

  11. I would be surprised if this is anything short of exceptional. Tomasi is a great writer and he can go so many ways with the different relationships (Damian and Dick back together, The two Bad Boys teaming up, Battle for the Kawl 3v.1) I would buy the crap out of an All Robin miniseries, possible even an ongoing.

  12. Made the mistake to read the solicitations for this a while back, while the story is already kinda spoiled for me i KNOW its still going to be amazing!

  13. Having Red Robin in this book makes me yearn for his solo title pre-New 52…

    I wish they’d drop Tony Daniel on Detective Comics and make Tim Drake the star of the book for an arc or two.

    The guy outwitted Ra’s Al Ghul AND stood his own in a sword fight against him, even getting the famous “Detective” title only awarded thus far to Batman…

  14. Ya know what could be really fun? A Robin book that rotates solo stories between Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian. Not having them all run around together all the time, (that would get old and hard to believe pretty quickly), but it could be structured more like Dini’s Detective run from a few years ago; giving each Batboy somewhere between 3 or 6 issue stories before moving on to another. You could even include Steph Brown and Squire if ya really wanted to. And of course once in a while you could have them meet up and tackle something together. Not sure what you’d call it since it kinda offends Grayson’s legacy to call it Robin(s), but it could be tons of fun with a good creative team.

    Really, I just want to read a Tim Drake book that I can actually stomach. I dropped Teen Titans last month and need some Drake in my life.

    • I love that concept. It would definetely work, especially with rotating writers/artists every once in a while! And you could also get ex-Robin team-ups, like Dick and Damian or Tim and Jason, etc. Would be cool I think. I know I’d buy it! 😉

      The book could be named: Legacy of the Bat.

    • You could even do young Dick/Jason/Tim stories. Or maybe an Earth ___ story with Carrie Kelly. Possibly a throughline villain/syndicate that extends through multiple, seemingly unrelated arcs every once in a while. I might overestimating the people’s love of all things Robin, but I think it has potential.

      Good call on the title. I was thinking Robin: Legacies or Legends of Robin for nostalgia’s sake.

    • Nice! Hey DC, you listening? 🙂

    • blew my mind

    • Now we gotta use Scott Snyder’s Achilles heel as leverage for the editors at DC… 😉

      *sighs* eh, fanboy dreams…

    • I would totally read a book like that. Teen Titans isn’t doing it for me either; I miss the old Red Robin series.

    • FANTASTIC idea. Sort of a “Tales of the GLC” but for all the Robins. I’d totally buy this, especially if Tomasi wrote it.

  15. This was decent. Gotta say, I hope this is the last time we see Tim and Damian come to blows. It’s happened so many times since Damian’s introduction that it almost seems like even the characters are being lazy about it. It’s like watching two hockey players come face to face on the ice and get into it halfheartedly because it’s part of their job. I enjoyed the dialog during the fight, but each time it happens it cheapens both characters. They both really oughtta be above this by now. Especially Tim.

    On the plus side, man did Gleason kill it on this issue. He’s never let me down, but some of the panels in this issue were dripping with awesome. He’s one of those artists who seems to be constantly pushing himself, and the result is that he just keeps getting better and better. Great stuff.

  16. Is it just me or did anyone else have the voice of Hugo Strange from Arkham City in their head when reading Terminus’s lines?

  17. OK, this wasn’t as emotionally intense as the first arc, but it was fun.

    I just loved the page where Damian announces his intention to best the other Robins. Look at their expressions, especially Tim’s. It’s almost manga-style, and it really cracked me up:

  18. This is a superb title and this issue did not disappoint, looks to be setting up the pieces for another winning arc. For me this is THE Batman title to read, Snyder and Capullo are doing great work too but this is hitting all the right notes for me. Concentrating on the relationships between the Bat-clan and still providing plenty of action too, I welcome seeing Damien take on the Robin legacy over the coming months. POTW

    • Yep, action is fundamental in a superhero comic, but character development and the relationships between characters are even more important for me. This title provides both.

  19. This book never disappoints, but man this issue was GREAT. Tomasi’s characterizations of the various Robins demonstrate why he’s one of the best writers in comics today. He’s finally got a good handle on Damian. Terminus and the new group of baddies working with him were cleverly done. The art was awesome, from the stills to the action parts. Terminus’ group was well designed and fresh. 5/5

  20. So Red Robin finally makes his way back to the bat-family, and in a big way. It was great seeing all the Robins together if only for a moment. This new group of villains remind of of Dick Tracy’s own rogues gallery. The art was a little sloppy, but the style sits well with the book.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  21. Another extremely strong book from Tomasi and Gleason. In the same way that I hope Snyder and Capullo will stay on Batman forever, I would love this team to be on Batman And Robin for a long, long time. They are excellent month in and month out.

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