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Bruce Wayne continues to grind through his grief over the death of Damian—but is Catwoman here to help Batman or take advantage of his vulnerable state?

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, & J. Calafiore
Colors by John Kalisz
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I hope to read this in trade when it comes out.

    I heard very good things about the first volume.

    And successively non-flattering things about the following iterations.

    • Second volume is very good too in my opinion. The problem now is that there is no Damian. The main dynamic that was working isn’t there, so it’s not working.

    • It reads like a random journey through the bat family with no real underlying story other than the Batman is still upset.

    • Yeah, I enjoyed the first few issues of this, but the last couple have felt lacking. At least Gleason is doing interiors, but… I’d like it more if there was more Carrie Kelly…

  2. So what the hell is going to happen to this title after the whole grief period?

  3. I hope she takes advantage of him in a sexy way

  4. Thought that was a Mignola cover til I enbiggened it

  5. I skipped last issue, but with the return of Gleason and Carrie Kelley, I’m back on board.

  6. Pat Gleason back on pencils? Balls nasty. My mon Pat don’ shiv.

    I don’t get why people aren’t enjoying this title. When ‘Incorporated’ finishes, this will be the second best Bat-book on the shelves right now.

    • When Batman rides around on a horse and rounds you up, don’t be surprised.

      I agree this is the number 3 soon to be number 2 Bat book. I like Batwoman, too, but all the other Batbooks have lost my interest with their mediocrity.

      But there are some cool other non mainstream Batbooks like Batman ‘ 66, Batman Beyond Universe/Unlimited, and Batman Lil Gotham.

    • Batman ’66 isn’t out yet.

    • @JesseG: It’s been out for two weeks.

    • @BCDX97 – iFanboy really needs a ‘like’ button. I would have clicked it for your horse comment alone.

      I picked up Batman ’66 today and loved every technicolor minute of it! It was thoroughly awesome.

  7. Glad that Gleason is back on full time. When he’s not the full time artist this series does suffer a bit.

    Also, let’s hope we see more Carrie Kelly in this.

  8. Like the rest of this series, this issue had a sticky sweet emotional core that really rang true for me.

    Tomasi and Gleason are handling Damian’s death with the utmost care and attention, something which makes me happy.

    However, the main Catwoman story felt a little thin on the ground. One of my least favorite ‘New 52’ moves was the retconning of the Batman/Catwoman romance (the highlight of ‘Hush’ for me) and replacing it with a tawdry physical affair. Now that the ‘buck fuddies’ storyline has seemingly passed, I don’t think anybody knows how the two characters should interact.

    Also, the fight scene with the Chinese genetic experiments felt rushed and uncomfortably political.

    One thing I don’t like in comics is the use of America’s foreign enemies as superhero enemies. Maybe its because I’m a Brit, I don’t know, but characters like the KG Beast, (or all the terrorist enemies Marvel created in the 2000’s, for that matter) always left me cold. Plus, they tend to date the books almost instantly, losing some of that timeless appeal that superheroes have. Of course, comics have done this since Captain America punched out Hitler and Superman single handedly ended the WW2 (one of my all-time favorite Supes stories), but it does feel somewhat old fashioned now.

    I’m not exonerating the Chinese government for their Human rights violations in any way, but I think that the story would have worked better with a ‘rogue faction’ within the Chinese government being responsible, rather than the government itself. The point was a little sloppy, I felt. I know, I know, its a ‘Justice League of AMERICA’ tie-in but still, that’s one opinion in the opposite direction.

    Having said all that, the scene with the little girl as Batman and Catwoman played surrogate parents to her was absolutely heartwarming and perfectly judged. That little girl will grow up to be a superhero. Just you wait and see.

    I’m really enjoying Carrie Kelly, however. She’s bonding nicely with Alfred and has all the forthrightness and pep of the Dick Grayson Robin. There’s a lot to like there. I always loved her in TDKR, so I’m happy to see her here. Characterization is Tomasi’s strong point, so its nice to see him playing to his strengths.

  9. Good issue.

    Not really sure what the ‘despair’ was….although I liked it this was the first step for Bruce to FINALLY be happy again. It was great to see Gleason on full time artist but he didn’t get much to do. Until the end that is where he got some great splash pages and that six grid ‘sneaking’ sequence was inspired. Although I like how he does the final page with Two-Face just like from two months ago. Even though the solicts for October spoiled the title change I’m intrigued on where this goes.


  10. Great issue. I wonder how Carrie will eventually find out that Damian isn’t coming back?

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