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Batman uncovers just how deep the Falcone Crime Family has penetrated the inner (and outer) workings of Gotham City, while Kitrina Falcone – a.k.a. Catgirl – is tempted to take over the family business. When she finds herself in hot water, she’ll need Batman’s help or all of her nine lives may run out.

Written by DAVID HINE

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  1. Might jump back on for this one now that that sensei garbage is done.

  2. I might have to get this just for Andy Clarke.

  3. Sob

  4. I have been reading the last arc at my local library and it has started out pretty good.  Last time TONY DANIEL did an arc he drug it out so long I dropped this book soon as I saw him as the writer.
    I do like his art and Any Clarke is very good, might pick up this in TPB.

  5. how are people already rating these?

  6. Catgirl? Really?

  7. This solicit is definitely not the issue I got. Mine was an Azrael story by Hine and March. Not bad though, Guillem March is really becoming quite an artist. Sloppy in parts, but some really nice panels.

  8. I thought the art was great. The main villain here looks like he’s straight out of Crossed.

  9. @WheelHands  my cover was different, too.


  10. this solicit is for #710

  11. The Bat-books’ solicits are always so incorrect and misleading that it’s just ridiculous these days. You can’t trust them at all any more. Why doesn’t DC crack down on Mike Marts or whoever is responsible for all this bungling? You have certain titles routinely delayed for months on end, creative teams changing on short notice, and sometimes even awful cases like this, where you have to wait till the actual comic comes out to find out who’s worked on its content or what its content even is. Horrible. It’s really insulting to the readers, and that’s why I don’t take chances on the Bat-books anymore. I don’t even know what covers to look for when I go to the shop, because half the time the solicited cover for a certain issue is actually the cover of some other issue. Ridiculous! Mike Marts, please care about us enough to give us a heads-up on this stuff!

  12. I think this was meant to be the next issue of Azrael. Which I’m fine with, because I read Azrael.

  13. Batman #708 has nothing to do with Katrina Falcone A.K.A. Catgirl, the batman #708 issue I have is part one of Judgement on Gotham ” one good man” that crosses over with Red Robin and Gotham City Sirens… Other then that It’s a great read…

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