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Welcome back Tony Daniel as regular writer/artist on BATMAN!

Bruce Wayne may have returned, but when an aging but wealthy technology developer comes to Gotham with his beautiful daughter, it turns out he’s in search of a joint project with WayneTech. DNA tracking is the name of his game, and there are others interested in his proposal. But when the developer goes missing, Batman finds that his tracks stop in the city’s violent Chinatown neighborhood, where a new deadly Triad gang has taken root.

Guest-starring I-Ching!

Written by TONY DANIEL
Art and cover by TONY DANIEL

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. sigh, why did I just pull this? I’ve lost my interest in Tony Daniel. The people he draws dont seem anatomically correct.

  2. I’m facing a crisis. I’ve been buying Batman since Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee. But I just don’t care about Tony Daniel’s run.

  3. Split decision. I’ve dropped Batman. My allegiance is with Detective Comics now. I just can’t justify buying a book with such an awful writer/artist on it. No matter how connected I am to the character.

  4. @comicbookguy37 – agree.

  5. This makes me want to cry. They have a grand opportunity to make the Bat book awesome again and they’re already mistepping by putting Daniel back on this. Between this and Jurassic Park, I have read two of the worst runs of comics this year.

  6. Sometimes I’m too moved to buy a comic for the sake of the comic.  Not particularly crazy about Daniel, but the idea of Dick Grayson getting to be Batman with full support from Bruce is just too exciting to a life long Grayson fan to avoid.  Not that this will touch what Morrison did on his B& R run but still.  He’s fully commissioned now.

  7. Eh, Daniel’s run so far has ranged from mediocre to terrible, but I feel I should at least give this a read through, see if there’s any improvement.

    @MBurnsOH: Uh, you do know that this isn’t the only Dick-Batman title, right? He’s in Detective and Batman & Robin. 

  8. I’m curious. Tony Daniel isn’t always too hot, but I do think he gets more hate than he deserves.

  9. YAY! BATMAN! 

  10. I don’t mind his pencils when he’s not rushing to write as well, I actually enjoy them, but (and it’s breaking my heart to do so) I’m staying away from this book until it finds some writing talent and stability.

  11. I think Tony Daniel’s art depends on the person who inks him. I am not pulling this issue, but I would like to revist it when it comes out in HC format.

  12. I thought the Black Mask run was pretty solid.  I never expected Jeremiah Arkham to be the new Black Mask all that time.  This DEFINITELY isn’t the best Batman book on the stands any week, and especially not THIS week, but it’s only $2.99 and I think that it is worth a try.

  13. I’ve been sticking with Dini’s Bat run on Streets of Gotham but decided that I would give Daniel’s new Batman run a try.  I thought Battle of the Cowl was OK, but now I’m having doubts.  Does anyone think this one will be worth it?

  14. I think the negativity towards Daniel’s writing is a little bit harsh.  I think everything he’s written has been fun.  Not great, but always enjoyable.  To me, at least.

  15. I’m baffled by the choices DC has made with Batman comics, lately. Letting Daniel write again is one more decision I can add to the list.

  16. And it can’t be any worse than last issue, right?  (Which I gladly skipped.  I was looking forward to Peter Milligan).  Or those Return of Bruce Wayne Road Home one-shots.  (I’m looking at you, Fabe N.)

  17. Yea  I think it might be time to drop BATMAN for a while, there are plenty of better books tihs week.

  18. I’m dropping this.. Can’t stand Tony Daniel’s writing.

  19. @robbydzwonar – I was actually pretty disappointed with that. I mean, how can jeremiah be black mask? Hes a master manipulator and organized crime strategist. Arkham went to medical school for 10+ years so he could be an arch-nemisis? Sure he’s not all there to begin with, but it seems like the slightest thing went wrong in his life then he lost his flippin mind and now he’s an evil genius.

  20. huh… that’s a strange post.

  21. To quote the Beastie Boys "um DROP"

  22. Listen guys, say what you will about Tony Daniel, but I don’t see what the problem is with DC having just one Batman book that’s, you know, Spawn.



  23. Ugh…the collectionist in me says pick it up, the Batman-fan in me says to drop it.  Why can’t Bruce just be Batman again?

  24. @ChrisSnell: He is.

  25. Another mediocre issue written by Daniel. PLEASE GET A WRITER TO WRITE YOUR COMICS DC.

  26. I think everyone is moaning about the wrong thing here.  This issue was okay, as has most of Daniel’s stuff (even if it hasn’t been mind-blowing).


    Catgirl is the problem.  A big fucking problem. 

  27. @jmhilyer she’s PART of the problem.

  28. I didnt buy the issue, but at a quick glance through at the shop, it looked like Daniel’s art really improved in the finer points. Seemd to have a lot more crosshatching, which in combination with the colors made it look damn nice.

  29. Thought peeps were being a bit hard on Tony Daniel as a writer, but I see now why he gets the flack, didn’t like this.  Have always thought Daniel as an artist was like a Jim Lee disciple, but for some reason his work on this reminded me of Todd McFarlane.  Damian Wayne is arguably the hottest new character there is in the DCU, didn’t much like how he was portrayed in this at all, didn’t do him justice.  And the quipping between him and Dick was just tired, played-out stuff to me.  This is the one Batman book I’m most definitely ummm-dropping.

    The only thing though is I wasn’t aware of this Kitrina Falcone being Catgirl, but not intriguing enuf.

  30. I just read this and it wasn’t brilliant but it certainly wasn’t as bad as Daniel’s previous arc. I think I’ll give it at least another issue, if only because I want to see what happens next, and that’s the sign of a decent comic. Streets of Gotham on the other hand…

  31. Daniel’s is’nt great but it is adequate , his writing however is just awful . I too am baffled as to why this man is on one of the flagship titles in the DCU. Put him on one of the lesser selling title and cut his teeth on that instead .

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