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  1. It’s killing me (or should I say "my wallet") how good the Batman and Superman books are right now.  9 monthly books that I wasn’t buying six months ago that I can’t seem to resist now.

  2. I want to see how this book matches up to Batman and Robin. How similar are the themes? And does the continuity match up?

  3. THe new batman shit is awesome!  I cant wait to read this

  4. Is that supposed to be rain on his mask? The lines look like veins.

  5. @supertrackmonkey: YES, it is the same continuity for the most part.  You’re just reading about different missions and cases then you find in Morrison’s Batman & Robin.  Same goes for Streets Of Gotham, that has more to do with Firefly.

    I saw a preview for this on IGN. People are speculating about HUSH escaping but others disagree.

  6. yeah i never read any DC 6 months ago. When looking at my books as a whole, with the batman books being so awesome and GL being the best thing known to man, i am not like 90/10 in DC’s favor.

  7. @robbydzwonar  HUSH is going to apper in the paul dini batman books

  8. Previous issue was good (enjoyed it more than B&R #1 even), but even if this doesn’t keep it up it’s still worth it for the Bagley art since it won’t reach Trinity-like unbearable in four issues.

  9. does anyone hate this cover as much as i do? batman’s face looks REAL squished…. —–>0<——–

  10. Winick is leaving the book after this arc and Tony Daniel writing and drawing a 6 issue arc. I don’t know if Winick is coming back after that, but I hope so. Anyways, my interest in this book for the foreseeable future is killed.

  11. @petevaldez the cover does look really strange i don’t know if i like it.  @kthx I don’t know about the last issue being better than Batman and Robin #1 but it wasn’t bad.

  12. I like that he looks thinner… I always think of Dick as being more thin/agile than Bruce.  And it’s not like his face is inhumanly thin.

  13. Yes, Bagley!!! He’ll take the bad taste of the Benes art from last issue away.

  14. Why do everybody diss Tony Daniels? BFTC isn’t so bad if you read it all at once, and the art in R.I.P. kicked ass.

  15. @robby the art kicked ass, but the writing was sub-par for Morrison.  It was too sporatic, like 7 soldiers of victory or the filth.  Didn’t really seem to have any general cognisance to it.  I need to reread it again though to give it a true assessment.

  16. @vadaowens: BATTLE FOR THE COWL was written by Tony Daniel, not Morrison.

  17. Batman and GL got me into DC. Besides those two, I’m still a Marvel guy.

  18. @conor – he was talking about R.I.P.

  19. I really liked Battle For The Cowl, so that makes me happy Tony Daniels is gonna do a good sized run.

  20. The cover actually reminded me a lot of Scott McDaniel. Especially since the face looked so skinny.

  21. @Conor.  I was talking about RIP, which was in the latter part of his post.  You must’ve missed it.  Sorry for the confusion.

  22. Eh. I liked the last issue for the most part, but this didn’t do a thing for me. The writing was solid, if a bit bland, but the art was generic and flat. I knw it’s unfair to compare it to "Batman and Robin," but that book seems to really be exploring the fact that we have different characters in those roles. Here, the approach seems to be just showing Batman smiling a lot to signal that it’s someone other than Bruce.

  23. @vadaowens: Yes, but robby was talking about Tony Daniel.

  24. This was a solid 2.5/3, but it didn’t do a whole lot for me. I loved the interaction between Dick and Alfred, and the little training session scene was cool, but beyond that there wasn’t a whole lot that was noteworthy. I’m looking forward to Two Face vs. Dick, though.

  25. @vada – conor misses NOTHING! Robby was questioning people’s feelings on Daniel, you responded by talking about Morrison. It was a "huh" moment for me as well.

    This ish’ couldn’t have made me more eager for Daniel to take over writing duties. Such a dissapointment from #687, which was brilliant.

  26. Yeah, I guess I should’ve specified

  27. I wasn’t too happy with either of the Batman titles this week.  Seems to be a little lull in all of my excitement. 

  28. This issue wasn’t bad. It certainly excelled my admittedly low expectations going into it to secure a 4/5 for me (I wish I could give a 3.5). I don’t know. Something about it just didn’t connect with me. Oh well.

    And as much as I think Bagley is a great artist, I’m a bit let down to see that he hasn’t come up with new face models. There are panels where Dick looks like Ultimate Peter Parker with bushier eyebrows and different colored hair. And Two Face has half of Ultimate Norman Osborne’s face! It was distracting to me as a reader. Bit surprised no one else has mentioned it. 

  29. @Prax – personally, i thought everybody’s FACE looked like the Riddler from Earth-2 in Trinity 

  30. @eaglebauer  i though just the opposite, the scene with dick and alfred in the cave was very good as was the part about two face watching the tapes and seeing how acrobatic batman is now. and all the mentions of the security camera footage still being there even though batman used to disable them. i thought it did a very good job oh making it clear it wasn’t the old batman besides just the smiling

  31. @RoiVampire- I agree that the security camera explination was pretty interesting, but the Dick/Alfred discussion just felt redundent after the similar scene in Batman and Robin last week. Again, it might be unfair to compare them in that way, but I had fun reading Batman and Robin where reading this felt like a chore. It is a little strange that we see Dick grinning while Batman, then later complaining about how hard it is to fight in the costume. Maybe he’s just mugging for the cameras?

  32. Dicks A Handful: Page 13 bottom left corner. "Thanks Alfred. I appreciate that, but speaking of handfuls…" (Dick slowly reaches towards his junk). I stopped reading for a minute and just laughed. Sorry I’m a child.

  33. Not sure if it was the pencils or the colouring but I really didn’t that the art all that much in this issue, I think it was the colouring for me.

    I enjoyed the story quite a bit though.


  34. This isn’t a bad comic, and while Winick is hit and miss for me his Batman is pretty good, I find it really suffers against the work in Batman and Robin and Detective.  And the impending debut of Tony Daniel???  Ugh, count me out DC.

  35. As usual, Winick’s dialogue is his weakness (some lines made me groan outloud) but overall this was pretty decent. I liked the parts with Dick complaining about getting used to Batman’s suit — it adds some "realism" & Alfred’s reaction to it all was funny. I’m not a huge fan of Bagley’s art & I don’t think his "cartoony" style suits a dark book like Batman, but it wasn’t terrible. I’d give this issue a 3/5.

  36. Also … Commissioner Gordon mentions that he "talks out loud" a couple of times — how do you talk NOT out loud?

  37. @wadewilson  it’s just an older person expression, my uncle says it all the time when he says something that wasn’t really intended to be heard

  38. @wade @roi I think the expression he means is "think out loud."

  39. Yeah! I’ve heard of people saying they are "thinking out loud" … but talking out loud? There’s no other way of talking …

    So, whose mistake is this (if it is), writer or editor(s)?

  40. @roi  My uncle and grandpa always say talking out loud when its something they felt like saying but it didn’t matter if anyone else heard it. thinking out loud is when you say something you didn’t mean to

  41. why did i just write that comment to myself, grrrr


  42. @roi you were talking out loud 😛

    OK, so it wasn’t a mistake … my bad. 

  43. Yeah, this isn’t terrible, but Winick, as much as I like him, just doesn’t have the firepower that Rucka or Morrisson are coming with. That’s fine, but count me out of this book.

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