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  1. Oh god how I’ve looked forward to this issue for the last two months. Is Bruce going to do what I think he’s going to do? Argh, iFanboy needs to talk about this series more on the podcast. What Morrison is doing on this title is so original, yet so much of it just reworks older obscure Batman ideas from several decades ago.

  2. Is this the first book in the RIP run?  I was thinking about jumping on for it, until I heard that Bruce Wayne doesn’t actually die.

  3. I really think I would love this book if I understood what the hell was going on. 

  4. @Brandon2 – RIP starts next month.

  5. I haven’t touched batman after buying the rhaz al ghul run (why me?!?!?!?!!!), should I pick this issue up thinking it’ll be a good precurser to the RIP stuff, or am I going to be reminded about how god awful the Rhaz Al Ghul crossover was?

  6. @patK

    the ra’s al ghul stuff was garbage, but everything else in morrison’s run had been gold.

  7. I just read through the stuff that leads up to this (which means ignoring the Joker issue, League of Batmen three parter, the Ra’s thing and only glancing at Son of Batman) and it’s astonishing how great a job Grant Morrison is doing on this title – and how much I understand the second time round. It’s a pity that this story has been broken up because if it weren’t I’m sure more people would see it for what it is: a genuine classic in the making, made all the more so by fanastic cinematic art from Tony Daniel and Andy Kubert before him. I can’t believe that a Batman book by Grant Morrison would ever be underrated and yet that’s precisely what this is. If you like innovative, moody, fiercely intelligent superhero comics you absolutely have to be reading this series. 

    Dini’s Detective has been good (and even better whenever Zatanna shows up) but Batman is simply out of this world.


  8. @Ilash I’m pretty sure Son of Batman’s going to have implications on RIP. And if the Joker relaunch doesn’t, I’ll be at least somewhat disappointed. That Joker better be in RIP or FC because he sure hasn’t been in Detective or Salvation Run. As much as I’ve loved those, it wasn’t that Joker.

  9. I’m with Nate on this book.  I dropped it because it just stopped making sense to me.  If RIP pans out, I’ll pick up the trades and hate myself for missing it.  I will say that I saw a really badass cover from the RIP series that Alex Ross did.  It shows Batman plunging from a building in this streamlined dive.  It’s primo boss.

  10. Nice cover!

    I agree with MisterBlank, all of Morrison’s run has been gold besides the company crossover bullshit. It sucks that they have such an awesome writer on Batman (finally) and they don’t let him tell a story without so many interruptions. 

  11. Given the density of Morrison’s 3 Batmen plot, I can’t imagine this issue being a good jumping on point if you haven’t been reading the entirety of Morrison’s run.

    That said, Morrison’s Batman has been excellent. All of it.

  12. I usually can follow a Morrison run on a book but I will be darned if I can follow this storyline. 

  13. @kimbo I think with the reveal and ending of the last Batman issue, Morrison tied together various plot threads from the start of his run. And I like how all that is informing the book going into Batman R.I.P. proper. Go back to the start and re-read. It’s all there just under the surface.

    I’m getting a lot of satisfaction out of giving the Morrison issues a deeper, more rigorous reading. 

  14. @Labor– good to know, that was my main gripe that it didn’t seem like anything was connected.  I’d finish one book and go to the next feeling like I missed a whole arch inbetween.  Missing so many of the latest issues I’ll have to wait till trade to digest it all.

  15. @ron, conor, josh, whoever.

     I just wanted to point out that this issue is (unfortunately) actually going to be drawn by the fill in art team of ryan benjamin and saleem crawford.

  16. That really sucks. The art is what was keeping me cause of the fact that i have NO idea whats happening. THe writting is good i just came in too late to understand it. It will miss Tony Daniels art.

  17. @ conor

    RIP isnt a crossover is it?

  18. @kevsname72

    Well, I may not be Conor, but from what i understand:

    No. RIP is not a crossover in the same way as the ras al ghul mess, but it’s events will be reflected throughout  the other batman books. 

  19. I have a good feeling about this book.  I think it could be a surprise pick of the week.

  20. I agree with Superyan. For some reason I’m drawn to this book, and will definitely be picking up RIP as well.

  21. @ScottB

     It’s the Morrison magic….

     literally. he’s probably got enchantments all over this mother.

  22. Okay, I was really disappointed to see that Tony Daniel only did the cover for this book.  The art inside was really uneven.  I think the artist was trying to make Bruce look beat-up, but all I saw were the scratchy pencils.  Maybe some better inking was necessary?  Also, there’s one panel where Bruce’s head looks like it has depth, and his suit looks completely flat.  Really weird art.

    I’ve also really been enjoying Morrison’s run (at least what I’ve read of it).  But the end of the book…that’s how Bruce’s identity is going to be exposed?  Really?  Is this Jez character more important than I know?  Nightwing’s and Robin’s dialogue about Bruce going crazy really seemed tacked-on as well.

    Overall, I was really disappointed with this book.   Considering this was a week when I only bought three books (!!!!!), I was hoping for more.  Luckily, Ultimate Spider-Man was pretty good.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

  23. SO, this was a fantastic issue as far as the writing was concerned, it’s a pity the art had to be so god-awful.

    It was also quite obvious that benjamin had swiped andy kubert in alot of the panels, which are easy to identify because they’re the only decent panels in the issue.

  24. @llash: The Joker issue and the League of Batmen issues aren’t irrelevant to what Morrison is going here. You know the mastermind villain behind everything, this "Black Glove" fellow? Well he was referenced for the first time in the Joker issue (hint: in Chapter 6), and he was also behind the attack on the island (hint: the motifs of a black hand closing around the heroes). Also, while I don’t think Talia and Damien are responsible for what’s going on, they’ll definitely be involved in the RIP arc (as will the Joker).

  25. I completely agree with MisterBlank.  I really enjoy Morrison’s writing but the art was hard to deal with.

  26. yeah the art is pretty horrendous in this issue.  Is DC too broke to get a superstar to illustrate for Grant?

  27. @gat0rl1vebeatz

     actually, it has to with DC’s new art policy. it essentailly states that, if you are not fast enough to draw a comic on an exactly monthly schedule, then they will get a fill-in guy (who is usually less than stellar) who can.

  28. Wow, way to go DC!

    After months of Grant Morrison setting up this BIG Batman: R.I.P storyline absolutely brilliantly, we get an issue that’s barely readable because of some of the most atrocious art I have seen on a mainstreamsuperhero comic in quite some time. 

    Surely, there was someone else out there who could have done a better job with this? The story was perfectly good but the art was so distracting that I felt thoroughly let down after reading what should have been a momentous issue.  

  29. @Flapjaxx:

    Those were good points all. I guess I missed the point of those issues. I’ll have to read them again but I’m definitely not rereading this latest issue thanks to the painfully awful art or the Joker issue because of Morrison’s waaaaaay too purple prose. The man is one of the very best comic book writers ever but if that Joker issue was anything to go by, he has some way to go with his prose work (though I kind of figure that he could probably do prose fine and that this was just a misguided, IMHO, style choice).

  30. The vastly overrated Grant Morrison is awful. Just awful. Why do I always say that? Because it’s true. His plots are so mind-numbingly confusing and pointless, it’s maddening. I don’t want him on this book right now, and I’m not looking forward to Final Crisis. If I want my head to spin while reading, I’ll pick up the federal budget or perhaps some breezy IRS 1040 instructions. Comics are supposed to be fun. This is not fun. In fact, his writing was worse than the art in this issue — and that’s saying something.

  31. The thing about Grant Morrison is his runs tend to seem schizophrenic and scattered, unti the very end. He always has that "oooooooohhh, I get it" moment in the finale. If you’ve read a lot of his stuff before you can see it coming and look for the signs. Animal Man, Doom Patrol, and New X-Men are all great examples of this. I always read his books, no matter how much they leave me scratching my head because, by the end, I’m always really glad I read it.

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