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  1. Good review.

  2. Have you ever wrote a review that was shorter than the book itself? Thank god you’re not writing novel reviews.

    Sorry, Tork. I’ve been wanting to say that for a while. I’m such a dick.

  3. don’t listen to him tork. long reviews are great. keep em coming.

  4. Eh.  I try to keep it a little short sometimes, but I always end up being surprised at how long it is.  I suppose it’s just a wee longer than an IGN review or a wee bit shorter than a review at Major Spoilers review, but I get your point.

  5. @Tork – you write some of the best reviews on the site. i’m just lookin for trouble. in fact, you helped me make a little more sense out of this particular arc. write ’em as long as you want

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