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  1. You know what’s weird?  I never gave a shit about Stephanie Brown as Robin or had hardly any interest in Spoiler, but I think she makes a fine Batgirl.  I’m enjoying this more then Red Robin and The Outsiders so far.

  2. @robbydzwonar:  This is way better than OUTSIDERS for sure, I’m a bigger fan of Red Robin though.


    I like this Batgirl,  I would like some loose ends tied up with Cass though.  The way Cass dropped the mantle was weird to me, everthing else made sense so far story wise.

    Looking foward to issue #4.

  3. That costume design is awful. Looks like she put it together at a sporting goods store. They’d have been better off sticking her in Babs or Cass’s old threads.

  4. The costume wouldn’t be nearly as bad if it weren’t for the boot fins or the thigh pouches.  Any more pouches and I’d expect her feet to get tiny.  Yeah, I went there.

    I do like that the inside of the cape appears to be purple while the outside is black.  I always liked how Tim’s Robin cape did that with the yellow.

  5. @southbymidwest: I quite like the new costume. It’s functional.

  6. Yeah, the costume looks more expensive and protective.  I’m kind of digging the new look. I finally read Batgirl Year One and loved it.  Although that’s Barbara, I do like the writing and art in this book so far.  I’ve never collected so many bat-books in my life.  The only comparable multi-issue series that I collect is most of the x-titles.  Glad I picked this up.

  7. Fun book! I love Cassie Cain as Batgirl though.

  8. If the cover isn’t lying, and the issue is actually about Batgirl fighting the Mutants from DKR, this will be the first batgirl book I have ever bought.

  9. This might be the funniest issue of a superhero comic I’ve ever read.  It’s starting to remind me of a cross between Spider-Man and Power Girl.  POTW contender for sure.

  10. Agree with Slockhart.  This is just a fun book.  It doesn’t really tie into anything (and it probably shouldn’t) and it’s just a fun, upbeat book.  And after a month of zombie babies, zombie lovers, heart eating and that whole Detective thing thrown into the mix, it’s nice to have a fun book to break things up.

  11. I dislike the costume also. I think they should have ditched the purple and made it Batman Grey

  12. Solid 4-star issue. I think it started off pretty weak and the pacing was weird, but the last half made up for it.

    Re: Cass – She’s probably my favorite Batgirl so I’d naturally want this book to include her more, but honestly the quality has been pretty high without her so I’m happy. It’d be awesome to get a Cassandra Cain co-feature or something of the like eventually, though.

    Re: Costume — Huge fan. Looks modern and functional. Loved the "wiggle one ear…or two?" bit as well.

  13. This was a cool nifty little standalone issue. Steph gets the hang of her new costume and investigates a power blackout. Bab’s interactions with the ex Titan’s member was great, shes just as much a character in this book as Brown is. I still want my Cassie Cain, but for now I’m happy.

  14. I agree with Luke above: fun issue showing off some features to the Batgirl costume (which is growing on me now that I’ve seen more than the cover) and full of humor ("got your best side").  I’ll be looking forward to more from all the characters in this title (Brown, Babs, Wendy), but will also be looking forward to the Cassie Cain story that Miller’s hinted at looking at after Brown has settled in to the role (still needs the big ol’ Bats ‘ok’ first).

  15. This was the first issue I enjoyed.

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