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The “Order of the Scythe” has drawn first blood, framing Batgirl for a crime she didn’t commit. Can she outrun Gotham City’s Finest long enough to prove her innocence? The birth of Batgirl’s gallery of rogues begins here as “The Lesson” continues!

Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

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  1. Great cover, just hope DNguyen’s interiors are a lil better in this one.

  2. @Franktiger  I actually liked his interiors.  Still a top book of mine!

  3. @misterckent  oh, I liked them, and DNguyen is like my most fave artist right now, but just thought his work in the last issue of this was a lil substandard for him, maybe it was the inking or something.  His interiors on Streets of Gotham are def better, like sharper than what it was in this.

  4. Damn that’s a sweet cover!

  5. this cover is basically the same as the last one lol

  6. I can’t understand why people like dustins interiors. They seem so bland to me. Love jock though. Has a similar feel to nguyen only more stylized. I really dig his dustins covers though. Liking the watercolors.

  7. DNguyen’s art is highly stylized to me, it is something that distinguishes him from other artists and makes his work uniquely his imo.

  8. @Franktiger  – Yeah? I think I’ll check out streets of gotham then. There’s gotta something i’m missing that people love. I gotta say, i love the chibi work he does. It’s hilarious! If he did mini-stories in that style, i’d totally approve.

  9. @MoodSmoothie  Yo, if his style don’t suit your style, is all good, art is a matter of taste and preference man, don’t think you’re necessarily missing something.  Yea, he does great chibi stuff, never heard that word before, learn something new every day.

    Highly recommend Streets of Gotham, has been one of my fave books for awhile, SoG #4 was prob my top book of 2009.

  10. This was ok, I like Miller’s dry, deadpan humor in his writing, he likes the word ‘awesome’ too.  Not sure if I like this whole “speed suit” concept though, only those who can access the Speed Force should be considered real speedsters I think, but it does look pretty cool at the end there, kinda Tron-esque, how ironic.

  11. This wasn’t my favorite issue of the series, though considering how good I’ve found the rest of the series, this wasnt bad….just didnt pop or stand out for me.  I’d love to see her interacting with the Titans a bit, especially since Damian’s over there.   I think Id get a kick out of seeing her and Superboy in a couple issues together.  Ive got this feeling Conner and Cassie will be taking a break soon and though I dont see him going after Tim’s ex,  it would be a lot of fun to see her and Superboy bantering a bit.

  12. @Skyfire124  – Haha, I think you should be guest writer for a while. 😉

  13. Did anyone else get printing errors? Looks like they had a dirty yellow roller on one page and I think a dirty black on another (but that may have been an effect)- the yellow definitely not.

  14. @MoodSmoothie  Thanks for the vote of confidence!   Would be a blast to give it a try though I suspect my dialogue would fall apart!

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