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  1. Barack Obama as a Heroic Barbarian Warrior no way.

  2. ugh. funny that it says ‘red sarah’. Whoever wrote that doesn’t quite know much about politics.

  3. As Stephen Colbert puts it:

    ‘That’s the craziest ****ing thing I have ever heard’

  4. Wow. This is almost insane enough to pick up.

  5. Dumb.

  6. suckage

  7. @Fvckstick Sarah Palin comes from a conservative state, known as a "red" state.

  8. What was Larry Hama thinking

  9. I’m sorry but if you pull this or spend money on this you are an utter moron.

  10. I’m interested to read a review about this after all there are no bad characters just bad writers.

  11. It was entertaining just for all the references to real life they shoehorned in. Not a great comic, but a fun read. I bought my uber Republican buddy the Sarah Palin variant cover. I now have a goal of getting Obama to sign my copy.

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