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  1. I liked the first issue, but not enough to buy the second issue. Sorry Garth.

  2. I didn’t mind the first issue too much, it wasn’t great though.  However, the blurb in the back about Brooklyn in the old days was awesome and full of sass and so I’m gonna buy the second issue, heh.

  3. i liked the first issue it definatly was not meaty enough! i was on the edge of whether to get this one or not ,but i think i’ll pick it up in hopes we get more story this time!

  4. I h8 to say this but i do not wnat no more starnge sex scenes.

  5. I liked it and put it on my pull list, but it is now time to make the tough decisions and shortening my list.  Criminal should suffice for the crime genre.  Only TPBs from now on.

  6. I don’t think I’d pick this up if it wasn’t such a light week, & I’m a HUGE fan of both Ennis & crime stories … hopefully this issue is better than the first.

  7. Whats on the tape!

  8. The title to this comic should totally be a Beastie Boys song:)

    So at any point in the story does the main character go to Williamsburg and beat up annoying rich-kid hipsters? Cuz, that would be amazing:)

  9. I am loving the art style used on this book! The story, eh, hasnt grabbed me as much as I think It would yet.

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