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  1. The first issue surprised me….on being very very very……very good

    The art is worth the price here, I hope I find some more books with Irving art in the future.

    If you havent picked this up I would definitely recommend doing so

  2. Actually looking forward to this one. The art in first one was great.

  3. Yep, I loved the first one. The art was beautiful, and I have a thing for heroes with religious powers. My two mains on WoW were a Priest and a Pally for the sole reason of being able to use spells like Smite and Seal of Vengeance. Do I have a problem?

  4. This hero rules,  I was so sorry they wrote him into obscurity in his own series and then killed him off.  It’s nice to have a fresh start with something new but with the same concept.

  5. Fabian Nicieza is becoming one of my favorites, if part- 2 is as good as part- 1 I cant wait for part- 3.

  6. First issue was better than any of the one shots released so far, hopefully it’s as good as the first. 

  7. the art was the only saving grace of the first issue, the writing was abismal. I don’t know if I’m getting the rest of these. I will have to decide in the shop.

  8. @burn: If you dont mind me asking, why did you think the writing was ‘abismal’?

    I thought it was a good story.

  9. The beginning of this issue was really worrying me. It sounded like a bad action film with some bad one liners.

    But Nicieza decided to bring back the religious stuff with the second half of the book and I loved every moment of it. Fantastic art as like the last issue. Good issue.

  10. Interesting second issue, a bit all over the place, though. I don’t feel a strong attachment to the main character, some of his motivation feels very similar to the motivation for Manhattan Guardian in Morrison’s mini and for a few other characters throughout lit as well. (I’m not asking for originality of motive, but of the telling.) Still, I thought it was quite good and probably the best thing to come out of Battle for the Cowl so far. 4/5 

  11. This was far better than Detective this week. At least something of meaning happened here.

  12. @Prax: You mention Grant Morrison; then you should see the credits in the 2nd page of the comic. Cause it says ‘Thanks to Grant Morrison’ at the very bottom….This was probably all of Morrison’s outline and let Nicieza took over.

  13. The art matched the story perfectly — both were dull & confusing.

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