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When civil unrest between the Palestinian and Hassidic communities in Gotham City boils over with potential international ramifications, Azrael must devise a solution – even if it means losing his soul inside the tattered cloak of Ragman!

Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Ramon Bachs and John Stanisci
Cover by Francesco Mattina

Price: $2.99
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TheNextChampion02/17/10NoRead Review


  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this after every single issue, but this is the last chance.  I think I only got #2 because of the cliffhanger at #1, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to be visited any time soon.

  2. @slockhart: I think this will be make or break for me too.

    Nicieza is doing a great job writing it, but Bachs is just killing any enjoyment you could have with this. I want to continue on, but if the art stays this medicore then I will not continue on.

  3. @TNC

    I think I’ve been liking the art -slightly- more than you (though still not at all), but I wouldn’t call the writing great by any means.  The thing I find the most annoying is that the art wasn’t nearly this bad when Bachs was on Red Robin, so why suck so bad now?

  4. @slockhart: I’ve never liked Bachs to begin with, so this has been a problem since issue #1. But Nicieza, I feel, has done a great job of providing great character development for Michael Lane and bringing religion to a comic book without being explotive.

  5. Don’t like the art, don’t care much for the character, but it’s more interesting than the 90s Azrael.  Still, I’m dropping this after this issue, only because it’s pre-ordered. 

  6. Gah!!!!

    Why did Ramon Bachs give us a great issue here? Why can’t he keep this quality going for more then an issue? Oh well…..I’m still down for this series, it is still an intriguing read.


  7. The story still bores me.  I think my problem with the art must be with the inker or the colorist because I found it to be just as bad as the other four issues.  It’s dropped unless there’s a creative team change in the current solicits.

  8. Very interesting issue; liked the use of the Ragman and Azrael’s target.  The art is okay with me because it does capture the darker tone of the story (maybe why they went with the team they did).

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