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  1. Admittingly it was a very slow week. But still the last issue of this was very good. Nicieza is making Lane a much more interesting character and he’s using religion in a smart way. Not exploiting it to just to shock people.

    Art by Bachs was also improved as well. Hopefully the trend keeps up for this issue.

  2. @TNC

    Agreed completely.  If I remember correctly, we both (reluctantly) gave this our POTW. I doubt this issue will get the same honors considering the books it’s up against.

    All that being said, I found the first issue so disappointing that I’m still not completely sold on the title. 

  3. @slockhart: Yeah it was my pick because of a VERY slow week. I think Brave and the Bold #29 was the only book out that week. Then again considering I thought it was better then that series is something, cause that book is the shit right now.

    I’m the opposite of your view though, I think the art is gonna be uneven making me iffy on the title. The writing has been soild for these two issues, and the mini from the summer.

  4. This title is so frustrating right now!

    The writing has been mainly consistant but the art is just pissing me off. Bachs just needs to go away and let someone else draw the series. I mean I’m not saying the story was perfect, there were some problems with it. But I’m having a hard time wanting to continue this if the art stays this medicore.

  5. Wow, Bach’s REALLY needs to knock it off. The story didn’t grab me at all either this time. I’ll give it one more issue.

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