Just when you thought the ground-breaking hit comic Axe Cop couldn’t get more awesome, it gets MORE AWESOME!

Axe Cop is in big trouble! The authorities are on his case, he’s on a crazy time-travel mission to try to save the dinosaurs from a horrible war with aliens, and while he’s been away, a team of evil brothers has been assembling a massive team of bad guys bent on taking over the earth! But with the help of his awesome crime-fighting team, including Dinosaur Soldier, Sockarang, and the mighty doggie hero Ralph Wrinkles, Axe Cop might still be able to save the planet. But there’s one more battle for our brave axe man in blue, and he must time-travel to the age of swords to make it all happen!

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“Funny, goofy, frenetic, exuberant… a pure, crystalline, downright weaponized expression of the kidlike essence of comics.” – NPR

Writer: Malachai Nicolle
Penciller: Ethan Nicolle
Cover: Ethan Nicolle

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Kinda glad this is wrapping up…I haven’t enjoyed it as much as the critics obviously have. It was an interesting novelty, but I found myself getting bored about halfway through last issue.
    I know it’s the artists little precocious brother, and not his child doing the writing, but I get the same feeling with this book as I do when parents show off pictures of their kids – “how nice for you, but I really don’t give a shit”.
    Apologies for bringing my ’empty nest’ cynicism in today.

  2. You have to take it for what is it; the insides of a 6 year olds mind.  In short bursts this is amazing.  It’s funny, keeps you guessing and strangely comes together as an actual story.  I recently read the trade which collects most of the web content and while I enjoyed it, it’s not something to read cover to cover.  However, it works great as a once a month thing.  Keeps it fresh and enjoyable.

  3. The first issue was incredible front to back, the second two had really funny moments interspersed by what you would expect from a kid. I gave this pick of the week for the last few pages though. Really, the best wrap to any story I’ve read.

  4. I enjoyed this issue but I realized this book will never get a five from me.  I wasn’t even reading the text anymore and was simply taking in the art which was great.

  5. I felt let down by this book. It doesn’t surprise me that a six year old would have the hero chopping villains’ heads off. On the other hand, when I saw this was written by a six year old I said to myself, “hey! this would be a great book to read with my nine year old nephew!” Wrong idea. I could have found better entry books for someone at his age, and the level of violence in this just wasn’t appropriate. The fact that something is written by a six year old doesn’t excuse the publisher from placing age-appropriate guidances on the cover.

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