• Spinning directly out of AVX #12, find out what happens next!

• What ramifications will the fallout of AVX have on the Marvel Universe?

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Steve Kurth
Cover by Ron Garney & Shane Davis

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  1. cyclops is such a dick

    • Agreed! Even though I believe that he was being manipulated by the Phoenix Force the entire time and kept saying that it’s twisting his motivations around to make him bad. The guy was a hero and it MUST be the overwhelming power of the Phoenix that is taking over.

      Then issue number one of this came out and Cyclops was so smug and thought that he had ‘won’ by creating more mutants even though he turned his back on everything he’s fought for and even killed Professor X!

      If this is all about Cyclops then I’m out.

    • Cyclops is the man.

  2. This issue was exciting, fun and full of emotion. I love what they’re doing with Scott. He’s always been a bit of a douchebag. Why is that surprising so many people? This may very well be my pick of the week. I get the same vibe with Cyclops as to what happened with Ultimate Reed Richards. I loved that (until Hickman ruined it) and this feels natural and not forced by any means. Scott has had a lot of pressure on him and had to make some very tough choices. I’m glad I only have to wait a week for #3.

  3. I want a “Cyclops Was Right” T-Shirt so much!

  4. I still can’t understand why no character has said…hey look if Hope and/or the X-Men didn’t take the Phoenix…it was still gonna come through and burn up the Earth anyway. Didn’t seem like the Avengers had a plan for that…!

    • Well Tony had a plan, I suppose. He tried to splinter the Phoenix force, I guess to reduce it’s power?

      Here’s a question, if Cyclops was so right and cool why the fudge did he not, upon gaining the power of the phoenix, reactivate the x-gene immediately? If that was his ultimate goal, why not do it straight away? Oh that’s right, because he is a dick.

    • Or he would have made everyone a mutant. Or he didn’t want anyone potentially challenging his power. Or maybe he was playing the long game – get everyone to like us first, then reactivate the X-Gene. Or, and this is not impossible, it didn’t occur to him that he could do that. Similar to Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet, just because you have god-like powers doesn’t stop you from thinking like a mortal. Cyclops thought in mortal terms (“I have enemies, they need to be eliminated.”) No, you’re a GOD, they aren’t, you can ignore them, will them out of existence, or transcend to a level where they can’t touch you. You can see the big picture, temporally and spatially. What he should have done is left. Not fought everyone, just left. Work on being a god and come back when he had a better plan. He was tapping into that briefly in Uncanny #19, but he did nothting with it. Of course, who wants 22 pages of navel-gazing and contemplation – that’s why Adam Warlock books never work.

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