Spider-Man and Deadpool take on high school! The devilishly dangerous (and handsome) Deadpool helps Spidey dodge bullets and bullies — but is there more to the mayhem than meets the eye?

Story by Kevin Shinick
Art by Aaron Kuder
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Shane Davis, Mark Morales, & Matt Hollingsworth

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. This looks really good guys. Shinick is a really funny writer and this Kuder guy is a great find by Marvel. Even though I’ve only seen a small preview this might have a chance to be one of the best comic to come out this week.

    I actually read the first trade of this series that had the Joe Mad and Greg Land art and it was shocking good. Well not the Land art but everything else about it was fantastic. Marvel really missed out on having Zeb Wells as THE writer for Amazing Spider-Man.

    • I totally agree, ever since I found out Shinick was a writer for Robot Chicken also it gives me great hope that this book will be great. After watching a few of the episodes he helped co-write he is a really funny guy, plus with Deadpool and Spidey teaming up the laughs are going to be non stop. Really surprised this doesn’t have more pulls… come on iFanboy! haha

  2. This was kinda goofy but it was a fun read, actually liked it quite a bit. Hypno-Hustler being in the next issue should provide another fun read.

  3. This is my first Deadpool comic and I think he fits in well with the generally lighter stories Avenging usually features. The art is great even if it is firmly in the style of Quitely & Burnham. Based on this issue by the new team, I’ll keep buying this title.

  4. art was good but story was a real let down could barley finish it and its a 2 issue story might just skip next issue.

  5. This book is reminding me how good Deadpool can be in small doses. This is really funny… but I’m still glad I dropped his title. I feel like I appreciate him more now

  6. Wow this Kuder guy is great! Reading it right after Manhattan Projects, I totally saw a resemblance Pitarra as well as Burnham. Hope to see more top notch work from him, perhaps an ifanboy Upstart is in order.

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