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As the final hours tick down, Cable must take down a berserker Wolverine and a wisecrackin’ Web-Head to ensure a deadly future does not come to pass!

Story by Jeph Loeb
Art by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines
Cover by Ed McGuinness, Leinil Francis Yu, & Steve Skroce

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. Glad to see this ending.

    This is probably the only AvX-related ‘extra’ merchandise I’ll be getting this year.

    The public library buys all of the trades, I buy most of the A & X titles anyway, and besides… I haven’t read Fear Itself yet.

    I guess I really am afraid.

  2. Oh Ron, I’m begging you please to ignore this issue on the POTW podcast. Even if it’s especially lousy. Ok, that’s my request for the week. Love the website. Love the Podcasts.

  3. What I have liked about it is all the twists and turns. It was impossible to predict exactly how issue was going to unfold, in a tedious and boring manner, just by the cover images. Impossible.

  4. That’s one fugly cover. I used to like McGuinness, but… yuck.

    I agree that obviously shoehorned events that don’t really do or “lead in” to anything significant should start being ignored. Especially if they aren’t stand-out comics in and of themselves.

  5. If you dont like this minis before a major event dont buy them or read them. As of late most of the time have nothing to do with the main story. Its just giving people more of what they want. Pretty damn sick of people bashing them. Yes they might not be the best work but people are buying them. Only way to change the system is not to be the minis before and after big events.

  6. I was excited to see Cable again when this was announced. I bought and read the first two issues, but what’s the point of the series? It was touted as a “must read” story before AvX. And can anyone tell me what Cable would have against Red Hulk? Is it simply because he’s an “Avenger” now?

  7. Why does Cable look like Colossus? Is that the AvX hint we’ve been missing out on? Spidey changed his costume again? Come on I was just starting to get used to the White Mess that he’s been wearing.

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