The big climax that sets the stage big time for what is to come in 2012!

Deaths and departures! The funeral of an Avenger. The final fate of the Scarlet Witch.

Plus, a new lineup and direction for the Young Avengers.

Story by Allen Heinberg
Art by Jim Cheung & Mark Morales
Cover by Jim Cheung

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  1. Yes!

    Finally (and well worth the wait).

    The end of one era and the beginning of this whole new thing.

    I hope.

    My personal wish is for the X-Men to be Wanda, Namor, Doom, Magneto and Emma Frost.

    And of course Spider-Man and Wolverine.

  2. I really hope they keep Scott Lang around after this.

  3. Really gonna miss this book. I wonder how much will stick after this ends!

  4. Unless I see this on the racks on Wednesday and I’m holding it in my hands, I refuse to believe this is coming out.

  5. I think this whole series would make one hell of a good-looikin’ hardcover. Very excited for the final issue!

  6. This has been such a great, high-quality series. Totally enjoyed it from start to finish (unless this issue blows it, which I doubt it will).

    I wonder how much this will set up AvX, though. My guess is that Marvel is overstating the tie-in just to increase sales and get people excited. Not to say that AvX won’t reference things that happened in Children’s Crusade, but I think the connection will turn out to be fairly nominal. This mini has been so intent on telling its own important story, that I can’t see Heinberg turning around in the last issue and sacrificing much of his own story’s resolution just to hawk for the next crossover.

    I think the hardcover is coming out like next week or the week after. It’s nuts how quick Marvel collects things these days.

  7. Wold love to see Heinberg on Avengers full-time. I’m kinda over Young Avengers though. I want to see Wanda, Simon, Vision and Quicksilver on a team again — and if Heinberg is writing it — so much the better. May as well add Scott Lang to the roster as well. Heinberg gets the Avengers — whereas Bendis, I’m afraid, never did.

  8. Cheung is amazing. Any chance he could get on an ongoing or one-shots once in a while?

  9. What’s Heinberg writing next?

  10. Why was there a statue of Scott Lang? Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that him standing beside said statue? The position of Ant Man has an opening now since Eric O’Grady was beaten into meat paste.

  11. As a gay man, Wiccan & Hulking kissing as a full page spread was the panel of the week. Beautiful.

  12. As I’ve been anxiously trade-waiting this series for two years now, I must say: FINALLY!!!

    Now when does the hardcover come out???

  13. This was a great book! Heinberg really nailed it, and Cheung’s art was perfect.

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