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  1. I’m done with this series. It’s been 5 issues, and I just don’t see the momentum building.

  2. Hell, I’m halfway through now, so I think I’ll see it through until the end.  It’s got some great potential; I’m hoping they’ll deliver.

  3. The first issue had 336 pulls.  This book is one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

  4. I’m not disapointed it’s been really good.  It’s something fresh and thankfully not tied into that freaking Secret Invasion.

  5. If I feel the same after this issue as I did after last issue, I won’t be finishing this one.

  6. @conor: By that logic shouldnt Trinity be an even bigger disappointment? Just saying that the first issue of Trinity had 500+ pulls, now issue 25 will barely get pass the 180 mark. No criticism on the issue itself but if you say this series is a disappointment, then so should that be.

    Shame cause I actually did have fun with this title as well. But it’s moving at a sloth’s pace and it got too boring for it’s own good. I’m sure this will read better in trade.

  7. @NextChampion…I would agree with you that Trinity has been a disappointment…but the hype over Avengers/Invaders was huge.  I think that is why Conor might say that it has been the biggest disappointment of the year.

    But using the numbers provided, you would be correct.  Trinity has only kept 31% of its readership on this site while Avengers/Invaders has kept 42%.  But again, that is this site and this site alone.  

  8. I also dropped it at issue 5.

  9. Human Torch and Red Hulk should fight.  Battle of the overpowered bullshit.

    This one ain’t even worth a review.  Soooo dropped.

  10. I’ll finish it out, but this story is dragging on the ground. I wish I’d waited for the trade…


  11. @TheNextChampion –  I was talking about the hype/quality of this book.  I mentioned the pulls informationally because of all the people talkng about dropping it.

  12. Hrmm… I see we’ve made the Sentry go home to mommy in less than 10 panels yet again. Can me all just admit Bendis made a mistake and relegated the Sentry back to obscurity?

    I didn’t mind this issue, certainly not great, but fairly interesting. One thing that is bothering me about the series is that it feels a lot like "Project Superpowers." I hope that feeling can be shaken soon.

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