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  1. Well this could be it for me…But if it’s only act one, then maybe it get’s better? I dont know, it has good art but the story is just a yawner.

  2. Agreed this story needs to be actioned up a bunch

  3. I’m enjoying this, but I’m wishing I’d waited for the trade.


  4. Perhaps a 12 issue run was too ambitious. I suspect the story could be told in half that many issues.

  5. I’m dropping this after this issue. It’s a decent concept and I did like the last issue, but it’s going waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too slow for me to keep going with it.

  6. Glad I decided to wait for the trade!

  7. Going too slow? This is only issue #4! I think it may be a bit presumptuous to give up on it already. As stated earlier, it does have a decent concept going for it. The biggest weakness I see so far is that they try to focus on too many characters at once, but perhaps that’ll straighten itself out. 

  8. I’m digging this big time!  It’s action packed and a lot is going on.  LOVED the Namor on Namor action last issue….Oh dear, that didn’t sound right. 

    Sorry guys, I’m not getting the complaints here.  I mean you guys must REALLY hate Secret invasion if this thing is moving too slow for you.  By the way, I wouldn’t blame you for hating Secret Invasion!  UGH … just end that thing already.



  9. I was going to drop after this issue… but this saved it for me. I LOVED this issue.

  10. This issue is much more entertaining than its predecessors were. I hope that the excitement will last for a full twelve issues, but this was defnitely a highlight.

  11. Present day Bucky confronts WWII era Bucky and possibly Cap as well? Yes, I’m definitely in for the long haul.

  12. i wish I’d waited for the trade on this one but I’ll stick round, it’s not bad it’s just not blowing me away like the covers make me hope it would. 

  13. I love the Invaders, the New Avengers, the Mighty Avengers, and Alex Ross.  I am getting totally bored by this comic.  The story/dialog is just not doing it for me.  If you are waiting for the trade, I would recommend skimming an issue to see if it your cup of tea before you buy.

  14. I’m not even bothering with a review. I dropped the book. Shame, cause for the first time in….well never actually….did I get bored of a Ross book. Again, maybe getting the trade *borrow not buy* will make this look better. But after 4 issues it’s just to boring to care what is going to happen next.

    Please dont let this be a minor set back for Ross….Dont let him turn into the crappy writers like Jeph Loeb and Frank Miller are right now….

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