SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! After Civil War, the members of the Initiative were recruited with promises of glory…fame…wealth…redemption. But all things come with a price – and now it’s time to pay in blood as the entire Initiative find themselves fighting for their lives in an all-out war against Thor and the Asgardians! With the Dark Avengers as their allies and immortal gods as their enemies, the most brutal event in Marvel history is about to ignite, and these Avengers are caught in the middle! And for some, this will be their final stand.

WRITER: Christos Gage
PENCILS: Rafa Sandoval
COLORED BY: Studio F - Edgar Delgado
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: David Yardin

Price: $2.99
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  1. This is the book I’m most curious about ending when Siege is over. Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

  2. Gage will be writing Avengers Academy after this ends so I imagine the cast will just shift over to that title.

  3. Thanks for the info skeets, I was wondering about that also.

  4. @skeets i figure some of them will but i’m really curious to where taskmaster and robbie go

  5. well I hope some iteration of the 50-state initiative remains.  this book was more or less the only one trying to get outside of New York, save for the X-titles.

  6. This issue, along with the previous one, make me love Taskmaster.  I hope that weirdo survives all of this.  

  7. now that’s a fucking tie-in.  great issue all around.  part of the cast leaves Camp HAMMER, just in time for part of it to go to Camp HAMMER, well done.  the double narration scene was great.  Christos Gage can just keep writing this stuff well into the Heroic Age and beyond.  he knows how to do superhero comics as well as anyone.

  8. BEST BOOK OF THE WEEK! I could read a Taskmaster ongoing for the rest of my freakin’ life. Christos Gage has been consistantly knocking it out of the park with this book.



  9. @ABirdseysView I agree 100%. This and Dark Wolverine (surprisingly) are really rounding out Siege nicely.  I just hope that all the stuff going on in the different books, and theres alot, makes sense together.

  10. My God…tell me they aren’t going to kill Taskmaster.

  11. I’m not even reading Siege, but this book is interesting regardless of the big crossovers.

  12. if christos gage was announced as the writer for a new taskmaster mini that would be the coolest news to come out of seige

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