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  1. that’s great solicitation

  2. what the hells up with the faces

  3. well said bird. Very good solicitation. I love this book and hopefully it will just get better and better with this change of direction. Part of Dark reign but not a ridiculous cross over. Very good… I hope!

  4. that’s one of the things I really like about this book.  It always takes in the changes of the larger Marvel U and changes as the status quo does.  But it’s still about the original characters and how they deal with everything.  The Civil War fallout, Skrulls, and now Dark Reign.  Keep it coming.

  5. I’m very curious to see how this book works out with the change in direction. The past few issues haven’t been bad, but did feel a bit like a hangover of the stories which had come before. It’s about time we had a proper re-invention, and I really look forward to it.

  6. That was great. Go Tigra!

  7. Holy Shit!  first of all, great splash page!  don’t know why I wanna say that, but there you go.  Honestly, this is the book all non-Marvel readers should be checking out if they just want a feeling for what’s going on in the Marvel U.

  8. @ABirdseyeView   I agree. It was the same with Secret Invasion. I feel like this book really represents the Marvel Universe and its been alot of fun.


    On a side note I prefer the new artist to the Ramos art. I don’t think Ramos is a bad artist, I just don’t think it fit this book well. 

  9. oh yeah, Sandoval’s work is beautiful in this issue.

  10. I thought this was a close to perfect issue.

  11. @Avenger117

    Ramos isn’t a bad artist; he just has no business drawing anything in the Marvel Universe.

    This book was my POW. Great stuff. 


  12. Is it just me or is this the one book that actually shows the affects of Dark Reign? Most other books are Avengers vs Avengers or Spiderman vs Normal Osborn. This book shows the whole ramifications of everything!

    Amazing issue! Sandoval is a superstar for sure!

  13. @rift yeah this book has always been affected the most by events and showing what the mean to the marvel U as a whole.   it gives a nice perspective that you dont tend to see in avengers or spider-man.


  14. Butterball!!!  This made POTW when I turned the page and saw Butterball back in action.  Can’t wait for the next issue!

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