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  1. man i hope they let us in on the Mutant Zero identity in this, also that cover is baller

  2. Yeah, I am looking forward to more Skrull Kill Krew!!  Its wierd to see those two on the cover, considering they haven’t been in the latest arc at all

  3. I’m really glad that throughout Secret Invasion, this book has been able to hold the thread of the story from before the event. That’s the main flaw in the other Avengers books to me right now — they aren’t actually a continuing story… just a bunch of flashbacks or one-shots.

  4. yep, totally with you there, goat77. I’m really enjoying this…and I’m curious to see what this title is going to be like after SI

  5. @goat77 & tittom

    There have been several really good tie-ins, but this is the best tie-in of the books in regular continuity. It is also paced much better than any of the other tie-ins, so it feels like it advances the Secret Invasion story better than any other book.

  6. Out of all the SI books, this is the only one that conveys any sense of suspense. It was good before SI and continues to dominate my stack every time it comes out. I can almost guarantee it’ll be my pick of the week. I’d have to go out on a limb here and say that the best series of the last five years(ish) have been Young Avengers and Avengers: The Initiative. They both have featured great writing and artwork, superior character development and they don’t struggle to keep up with continuity like other books do.

  7. haha, sweater muffins

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