• The Avengers Versus The *Brand-New* Zodiac!

• One Of The Greatest Avengers Villains Of All Time Gets Reinvented For The Modern Age Just In Time For The Blockbuster Movie Event Of The Summer!

• A Perfect Jumping-On Point Featuring The Cast Of The Summer Blockbuster, But In Marvel Universe Continuity!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley, Danny Miki
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Mark Bagley, Danny Miki, Justin Ponsor, Art Adams, Marc Silvestri, Frank D'Armata, & Mirco Pierfederici

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. Hey, look, it’s a new avengers first issue!

  2. I have an apprehensive feeling about this comic property that is identical to the one I had when I heard about Ultimate Spider-Man 11 years ago. That concept/series turned out to be one of my favorites of all time, so I’m going to give this a shot!

  3. Avengers hysteria makes me want to try this – look it’s the movie cast – but I think I’m twice bitten thrice shy when it comes to Bendis on Avengers.

    Getting this will depend on how much I have left after I buy Saga, Peter Panzerfaust and Frankenstein.

  4. This solicit reminds me how much damage Marvel is doing to its Avengers comic book franchise. Too many books without a clearly defined purpose (Academy being a notable exception) and tired content.

    • But isn’t the purpose of the Avengers to fight super villains and threats that no single hero could fight? Isn’t that what they’ve been doing since the relaunch? Aren’t the books selling really really well?

    • @RoiVampire I would take the “really really” out of that last statement. NEW AVENGERS and THE AVENGERS are both barely hanging in the Top 20. They both used to be Top 10 books.

    • @Conor Yeah I hadn’t looked at the sales in awhile. The first two points still stand though, heroes fighting villains and what not.

      When I was just starting out reading comics on a monthly basis nobody really cared about the Avengers. I remember flipping through the comic and wondering who half the cast was and also why a character named Black Widow was wearing what can only be described as a gray onesie.

    • @Conor Take away the ongoing DC hype (For books I don’t read too many good reviews about even), and they would probably still be top 10 books. Quality is debatable. I’m enjoying them, though I know others aren’t.

    • Well sure, arbitrarily take out some actual sales because of some undefined criteria and anything could be a top ten book. I’m sure other books would have been top ten back when New Avengers originally came out if you would have discounted all the hype that book had after Disassembled.

    • @Firevine: That’s fine that you’re enjoying them but I didn’t say anything about their quality.

  5. To buy or not to buy……that is the question…………..

    • Wait for the reviews, then buy or not? 😉

    • It really shows how diluted this brand has become that people are debating whether or not a Bendis/Bagley book

    • @Zeppo Maybe people are just tired of Bendis? And personally, I thought Bagley’s art on JLA was just terrible. I was never a big fan, but I did read Ultimate Spider-Man for a long long time.

      But too much Avengers, too much Bendis, too much cost, of course it’s going to trend downward.

  6. Only pulling this to get my LCS variant cover.

  7. I REALLY want to like an Avengers series, so I’ll be checking this out. I really hope that it’s at least a slightly different Avengers story than we’ve gotten in the past few years or so.

  8. I feel like being constrained to a limited team can only improve Bendis’ writing. Definitely in for this one.

  9. Obviously a plug for the movie, but even with Bendis/Bagley, I’ll pass. It’s funny that Marvel is calling this “in continuity.” Well, that’s one way to get people to buy it.

  10. not buying any of the current avengers stuff so I’ll give this one a go.

  11. A movie tie-in/promo for $3.99. Unless it gets good reviews, this is one I’ll skip.

  12. The Bendis/Avengers combo makes me want to avoid this like a plague but the Bendis/Bagley element has my USM boner curious……FINE i’ll give this a try.

    personally, I’m not getting this one since I already read Avengers and New Avengers, two great books that are on a great Arc right now!

  14. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I’m in but… the cast of the movie AND in continuity with the 616 Universe? What about Fury?

    • SInce Fury in the movies is obviously Ultimate Nick Fury my guess would be that this book skips him almost entirely and just has cap leading the team. Especially since this trade will be sold right next to the movie and blu-ray releases, I think the last thing they want is to have kids say “Hey dad why did Nick Fury pull a michael jackson in this comic i’m reading?”

    • It’s actually weird because most people I talk to (that don’t read comics) don’t even know nick fury as anyone but sam jackson/ultimate fury. Whenever I tell them he started as an old white guy they think it’s stupid. I personally like both but I have a feeling their will be an entire generation of kids grow up and will have ultimate fury be their vision of Nick fury similar to John Stewart as Green Lantern with the cartoons. Not like any of this matters but it’s still interesting nonetheless

  15. This feels too much like paying to be advertised to.

    I’ll see the movie when it comes out, Marvel, but I’m not going to give you an extra four bucks a month for you to tell me how awesome it’s going to be.

  16. I am looking forward to reading this and hoping this is the Avengers book that becomes thee flagship Marvel book that The Avengers are supposed to be. I am well aware that their sales have dropped off on the other Avengers titles and I am hanging onto The Avengers book hoping for it to return to greatness; probably not! So, I hope this is the one that does the seemingly impossible and Avenges us all! Maybe instead of crappy villians they could attack Disney characters since Disney really seems to be loosing the grip on this Marvel group! Say what you want; I have been a DC fan for much of my life and Marvel has always been second. However; its the characters from both companies that have given me great joy in reading comics and DC has had their day and made me drop almost all of their books for a long period of time and Marvel took the top spot, so I guess since Marvel likes to emulate DC; I guess we are almost at that point where Marvel fails us. I am hoping it is just a bad little run for Marvel and that this is the sign of recovery?!


  17. I’d love to see ifanboy put the Justice League cover and the Avengers Assemble cover side by side

  18. While I enjoy the Avengers books and a fan of Bendis, I was hoping for some new blood on a new Avengers book. That’s why I’m digging the Hickman’s Ultimate Avengers.
    It just seems a little too much of a good thing. Like eating pizza all day every day with little mini pizza appetizers and pizza dessert and pizza smoothie to wash it all down, and then afterwards a pizza enema. Yeah, that’s what I think of Bendis. He’s like a pizza enema.

  19. I’m really on the fence with this.

    I’m probably gonna hold out for Yost’s Avengers: EMH cartoon tie-in.

    I think that comes out next month, in April.

  20. I really don’t need to buy this. My friend will pick it up at his LCS & just send me the code for the free digital copy. I do the same with books I buy that have a free digital copy.

  21. I am amazed every day by the amount of disdain towards Marvel on this site. Yeah, it’s another Avengers book. There’s how many Batman related books again? And how many of those are utter crap?

    Also, can the “Marvel Greed” angle. My shop pays $1.80 for $3.99 books. We make money. Diamond gets their cut. So tired of it.

    • I personally love the disdain Marvel gets here and the grumbling about their prices. I feel like they have totally earned the bad karma – could care less if you are tired of it.

  22. This was real real fun. All the characters were spot on and I’m really intrigued by this new zodiac

  23. I am almost 100% certain the Bendis did not actually write this book.

  24. Wow! I havn’t enjoyed a bendis avengers book in a LONG time but this was fantastic! Simple, Fun, Characters and dialogue was wonderful, and Bagley’s art is always great. New bad guys seem interesting as well. Also I will be the first to say it looks like they have made the Hulk stupid again all I have to say to that is….IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Loved it 4.5/5 This is what I want out of an avengers book! I’m officially on board with this title

  25. Does the world really need another Bendis Avengers title? I don’t know, but I certainly don’t. Doesn’t help that the concept for the movie is more Ulimtates-driven than classic Avenges.

  26. I am going to have to agree with a good majority of you, this was a pretty damn good book. Only, I am still not sure where this fits in with the current Marvel Universe?? If anyone has a real answer please explain it to me because that really seems to be bothering me. Will the real Avengers please stand up?!


    • After reading the new issue of Avengers I’m thinking this must happen like a week or so later. Remember the president saying he wanted them to look like heroes again? I’m guessing Cap went on those Sunday talk shows cause the public seems to be behind them again.

    • Yeah I want an answer too, I have seen all of the avengers but what puzzles me the most is Hulk (Green Hulk) isnt he off trying to kill banner? How does this even tie in with the current Marvel Universe?

  27. Where in the hell are those Hulk Rules that Jimski proposed? We sure needed them for this issue.

  28. I love that costume design by Bryan Hitch!!

  29. awefull

  30. My 12-year-old snapped it up today. So that’s good enough for me.

  31. Do you think Bendis can sleep at night considering the years of shitty Avenger titles he has pulled out of his arse? This was dreadful

  32. Was Fury in this book at all….Just want to know if it’s 616 Nick or Jackson Ultimate Nick?

    • Nope as stated above I don’t think Nick Fury will be in this book at all and if he is it would have to be 616 nick because it’s in 616 continuity(ish). It was a very solid issue though bendis and bagley have a special mojo when they work together.

  33. Finally got around to reading this and I thought it was okay…it seemed short or rushed or something….loved the art though, always been a big fan of Bagley.

  34. It read like one of those free comic books you get in a cereal box.

  35. Hated it. When it was over I thought, “That was it?”

    I’m done.

  36. Didnt like this comic at all. Hulk is just there for movie tie-in service and nothing else. Hopefully they arent thinking of giving 616-Nick Fury a reverse Michael Jackson for more movie tie-in lameness. I’m done with this title.

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