• X-23 vs. ANNIHILATION’s Cammi!

• A mystery opponent vs. AVENGERS ACADEMY’s Sentinel!

• Who is the killer stalking the competitors in their sleep?

• Plus: Darkhawk equals death!

Story by Dennis Hopeless
Art by Kev Walker
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Greg Horn & Garry Brown

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I know it’s been done, but I’m loving this series. The cover is an obvious joke and one that has me laughing the whole time i’m buying and reading this!

  2. Darkhawk equals death!? My theory about an early death for Darkhawk may be coming true soon.

  3. I have to eat my words here… I thought I would hate this series but… It’s like reading Hunger Games mixed with Lost with teen a heavy dose of teen age angst! The series is surprisingly fun! I can’t wait to read this issue!

    P.S. Ron will be sad if Dark Hawk bites the dust this early in the run. 😀

  4. Im starting to hate the way this guy tells stories…
    Both of hopeless’ series seem to be falling apart at this 3rd issue mark already

    • What do you mean? Cable and X-Force wasn’t doing it for me, but I really like the stride this book is beginning to hit. Kev Walker’s art is great, and I thought Hopeless did a particularly nice job with Cammi’s flashback scene and her interaction with Darkhawk.

  5. I don’t know around ninety percent of these characters. But Hopeless is still able to get me to care about them anyway. Definitely must check out more of this man’s work.

  6. Not quite as good as the first two issues, but I’m still hooked. Appears as though another bites the dust leaving only 13 survivors left. This may all be over in about 15 issues if the killing spree continues

  7. Good issue all around. I’m loving the Lost-style flashbacks, they help showcase and endear each character to the audience. So far, Cammi is my least favorite character they have focused on but this comic was still solid all around. I hope Dark Hawk isn’t dead, dead… He seemed like the only guy who cared about uniting the disparate factions…

    • Yeah, I like the Darkhawk character bits we got in this issue. The fact that he does want to unite everyone together tells me that it’s too soon to kill him off — he still has value to the plot. Now, if he befriends Cammi on gets her board with his plans and then dies… that seems possible. Also, he’s featured prominently on the cover for the next issue (Darkhawk vs X-23) so I don’t think he’s a goner… yet.

  8. Well it appears we have not only one death here, but two??

    I liked this third issue, but not as much as I liked the first two. Part of my downgrade is that it feels like either I forgot how #2 ended, or stuff happened between issues / off-screen that was necessary for moving plot forward but seems kinda hinky in the grand sense of things. I still don’t get why our normally heroic teens are immediately dubious of each other and hunting each other. Is Arcade spooking them with these nighttime camp raids, tricking them into thinking they’re all stalking one another? (And if so, you’d think they’d realize/predict that, duh!) I still love Hopeless’ gimmick of narrating each issue from a different character’s perspective, and of using the flashbacks for added depth, it’s working wonderfully. It’s funny – I think this title is the first time many readers are being introduced to most of these characters, and Hopeless et al are getting us to like them just in time to murder them. lol I bet AARENA is far more jarring and sad for the Marvel editors.

    I’m still hoping all of this is real and that there won’t be some sort of rug-pull at the denouement… like a curtain being rolled back, showing us all of the dead kids are actually alive and well. If that happens? Then I will calculate how much I have spent on these issues and then I will get that much money in pennies and then I will launch those pennies with great anger and velocity toward Marvel Comics! But until then? I’m having fun with this comic book. 🙂

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