• Apex squares off in bloody battle against…you’ll have to see it to believe it!

• What does Death Locket see on the very last page that will freak you out?

• Plus: Arcade makes popcorn to eat while watching the big fight! Oh, what a jerk!

STORY BY Dennis Hopeless
ART BY Kev Walker, Jason Gorder
COLORS BY Jean-Francois Beaulieu
LETTERS BY VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY Dave Johnson

Price: $2.99
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  1. Does anyone know how long this will last? I’ve been having fun, but I’d love to know when we’re nearing the end. These are some great characters!

    • I don’t know, but unless there’s a status quo change, I’d be surprised to see this go much past 30 issues.

      But assuming we don’t end up with a single winner, I’d love to see Hopeless and Walker continue writing some of these characters in a new title — maybe a handful of the kids escape MurderWorld and hunt down Arcade? Call it ReVengers or something like that (but not crappy).

    • I was under the impression this was just Season 1? IE after this group ends or has a winner, there will be a new group?
      Would be nice to see Ghost Rider and Moon Knight get a little AA love!

    • I like what you’re both saying! I, too, was thinking there’s be a spin-off of sorts. Perhaps even two: the good team and the bad one. I’d read another season of this as well, though. Whether the kids have actually died or not, I like thinking that they did. It certainly makes the series feel right.

    • @TheRealVenom: I feel like I saw something about “seasons” as well. But for some reason, I thought they were using the term in the way a fictional drama does, not a reality show. In other words, I think we’ll see a turning point and a change to the game/status quo more than a new cast or location.

      But we’ll see! If Hopeless is still writing it, I’m on board!

    • Yea it was something like Game on and then maybe 1 issue and then the last arc of the season was boss mode arc. I’m in the same boat, love what hopeless is doing on this and despite me not liking the cast as much he has made cable and the x-force the better x-force book.

      I’m expecting something different for season 2 rather than the same concept with new chars.

  2. I thought I read somewhere there would be 18 issues. I hope that’s right,this one has run it’s course…

  3. I’ve heard both – that’s it’s an ongoing with no set end, and that it’s not. I don’t care. I’m just really enjoying it for as long as it’s around. This last issue was great and it had a fascinating cliffhanger ending. AND it’s drawing the line at $2.99! Yay Avengers Arena 🙂 🙂

  4. I had a little extra cash and liked the first issue of this series so I just up and picked up the rest to get caught up. This has been pretty good, I really like the Hazmat, Deathlokette and Cullen Bloodstone characters. It’s been a surprisingly good read so far.

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