HUMONGOUS-Sized Issue…Guest-starring The Young Allies!

The traps are set and the dice are rolled as the vibrantly villainous Arcade decides to rebuild his tarnished reputation…by setting his sights on the “easy pickin’s” of the Avengers Academy and the Young Allies! But when one of his teenage victims escapes, is it a setback for Arcade, or all part of a master plan to turn the entirety of New York into… Murderworld?

Story by Paul Tobin
Art by David Baldeon, Jordi Tarragona
Colors by Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Cover by Ed McGuinness, Chris Sotomayor, Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson

Price: $7.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. They’re just throwing around that Giant-Size brand to any book that lasts more than a couple of issues.  Ah well, I guess if Giant-Size X-Men 2-4 count as Giant-Size, this can too. 

  2. Gage has been doing an amazing job with Avengers Academy. It will be interesting to see what Tobin’s take is, especially combined with the Young Allies.

  3. I think 8 dollars is a little excessive. I understand that it is relative to the page count but… Its 8 bucks.

  4. In defense of the $8 price tag, this was originally a three issue miniseries. So this is basically three whole issues for 8 bucks, rather than 9. Pretty good deal, I think.

  5. You had me until Young Allies. If it was just the Academy kids I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  6. @kineAg62 I have not read 1 issue of Young Allies, so I have no idea how that is going to work out.

  7. @WHATTHEDAST The series got cancelled after only six issues and now Marvel is trying to pair them up with some high-selling team books (Secret Avengers in Onslaught Unleashed and now this). Wasted money on the first issue of the series. Won’t waste money on this.

  8. This was above average, lots of fun, but not amazingly great though definetly beter then most comics.  Other then them teaming reptil and spider girl there was very little interaction between the teams, if they could have paired up more of them it would have been much beter.

    (I also didn’t like how arcade was drawn, but I may just be being picky)

  9. I had fun with this. The price tag still hurt but I thought this was a very good use of the Young Allies. If this is what they have to do to survive I’m fine with that.

  10. In a pretty good week, this was my favorite thing.

  11. I made the mistake of reading the latest AA issue before I read the Giant Sized… oh well, I’m still learning.

  12. Fun story, nothing outstanding but a nice fun action-packed romp. Not worth 7.99, but worth trying to find for half the price at a convention or in the back issue bins. I managed to get a deep discount on this, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it up at all.

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