The explosive crossover with THUNDERBOLTS continues!

There’s a jailbreak at The Raft, the maximum security prison for super villains, and the students of Avengers Academy are caught in the middle! But whose side are they on? Will they help the Avengers put the criminals back behind bars…or has inmate Norman Osborn made them an offer they can’t refuse? Also: the origin of Mettle!


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  1. This one’s still alright but I’m thinking of dropping it.

  2. I didn’t think I’d like it but I’m quite enjoying it!

  3. Honestly this is the only new Avengers title that I am really liking.

  4. May be my favorite avenger book

  5. it’s good that the series is looking at each character at a time, but I really look forward to seeing each one progress beyond the initial spotlight issues.  or maybe the format will continue and we’ll get a spotlight on more and more characters, including the staff, etc.

  6. I think I read a Gage interview where he said his first plan was to spotlight each of the main characters, but didn’t mention anything about anyone else. We (more or less) know the teaching staff quite well, so I can’t imagine we will be sitting here in 6 months saying "well, that Tigra spotlight was alright, but when are we gonna get a look at the whole team".

  7. Who does this book think it is being so good?

  8. Mettle just became my favorite on the team and bought this book a few more issues.

    Anyone else think that Mutants just evolved beyond being detected by cerebro? They’re not really giving reasons for these kids to have powers. 

  9. Gage is doing a phenominal job with this book, especially with the solo highlights of each of the character’s origins. With every issue, we got the spotlight on a single character, and with every issue, the sympathy for them gets ramped up. I’m also warming up to McKone’s art, which I though was a bit wooden with the start of this series.

  10. @ Minion.

    Gage said in the letter column that they’re not mutants and that he’d explore the origins of their powers eventually.

  11. @Bornin I know that that is what they always say but so many of the characters introduced in these training books never get Origins. I know Reptil’s powers come from a gem (I think it was something like that.) But Mettle just got hit in the face with a surfboard. I know that they could be explained but so many powered people in marvel recently have just been saying they were born with their powers but of course they aren’t mutants.

    Not a big deal just a minor annoyance. 

  12. They really didn’t talk about where their powers came in Initative either besides the Armory girl.


    I’m really enjoying this. One of my favorite books. I hated these kids in the first issue and I am coming around very quickly. Also, their powers, not the most original I admit, are more inspired than the new mutants I’ve seen in Uncanny.

  13. @SirCox Luckily I didn’t read the Initiative until near the tail end and was able to read them all at once and they really did explain a lot of them. Not all but they explained Komodo, Hardball, Trauma, MVP ect.

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