GIANT-MAN VS. XXXXXXXX …the rematch!

Now empowered by the evil at the heart of Marvel’s next huge event, XXXXXXXX is a walking engine of destruction…and when XXXX brings the pain to Hank Pym, all hell’s going to break loose!

Plus, the students of Avengers Academy get their first taste of war…and none of them will escape unscathed!

FEAR ITSELF will rock this book in the months to come, so jump on here and find out why Newsarama’s Best Shots says “As 2011 dawns, I urge any hesitant readers to…pick up AVENGERS ACADEMY. You won’t regret the choice.”

Story by Christos Gage
Art by Tom Raney, Scott Hanna & Andrew Hennessy
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Billy Tan & Leonardo Olea

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. that is a really weird pose

  2. best Marvel book going right now… I love this title

  3. I love the book but dreading the change in art.

  4. @dkbrain Tom Raney handled issues #7 and #11 fine. What’s to dread? 

  5. Great book. I can’t wait for this issue.

  6. @NodNolan – Tom Raney, for one.

    I think I’ve figured out what it is about this book that bugs me. Dan Slott really did a great job developing Hank Pym away from his past mistakes, turning him into a sort of Mad Scientist Superhero, which was really compelling. Problem is, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of that guy in this book, as Pym is back to whining and feeling awkward all the time. Not so interested in that guy.

  7. best fear itself tie in i have seen so far

  8. Best Fear Itself issue.

    I enjoyed this more than the event book. This had exciting action, handled multiple settings in a way that ramped up the tension and danger, and had some solid emotional moments.

    5/5 and my pick of the week.

  9. @ScorpionMasada – Spot on!

    I personally dropped Fear Itself, and most the minis have been lackluster.  I am still continuing to read my normal books that are getting tied in, but this by far was the best.

    Even without all the knowledge, you are rushed into the action, much like the charachters.  Wonder if Gage even knew THE WHOLE STORY going on, since it seems no one really does.  However, this was perfect.

    Once again, Avengers Academy, a book about teenage charachters I thought I would never read, turns out to best the Hands down best Avengers book on the stands.

  10. Excellent issue this. Showing them as being vulnerable in the previous issue and then immediately having to throw them into the cauldron of Fear Itself was exceptional.

  11. @NodNolan  I wasn’t crazy about the art in those issues.  I was really enjoying Chen.

    I haven’t read the current issue.  What do you think about the art?

  12. The art is no where near where it was before but as long as Gage stays on I won’t complain to much this is my second favorite marvel book out right now.

  13. I had Raney do a Giant Man comission for me this weekend at Wizard World. YES! It’s gonna go on the wall right next to my Wasp by Khoi Pham.

  14. Fear Itself is boring me to tears, but whatever – this was a good fight-y smash-y issue. The “horrors of sending children into war” message was a little bit heavy-handed, but I liked Tigra’s role as a mentor in this issue, mostly just because I like Tigra and this series is giving her more to do than to just look good in a bikini. I think this series is taking a bit of a dip in quality lately, but it’s still good enough to keep me coming back for more.

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