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The return of the Illuminati! Marvel’s super-secret brain trust has reunited because someone is trying to put the Infinity Gauntlet back together. Who is it and will the Avengers be able to stop them in time? And what does any of this have to do with the Red Hulk? Plus, is there a little romance brewing?

Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art and cover by John Romita Jr.

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.1%


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  1. This book keeps getting better and better

  2. I was on the fence with this book but the preview for this issue has me really excited

  3. I got behind, so marathoned the last 7 issues last night – this is so much fun.
    Marvel seem to be better than DC at the mo’ with ‘big events’ – just compare what’s happening in AVENGERS to what’s happening in BRIGHTEST DAY…

  4. @Doddsickle  They’re both a lot of fun telling stories in completely different ways?

  5. Excited about this book it’s sooo much fun but (and i promise this is the last time I will whine about this) Romita does not need to be doing avengers art. Dont get me wrong, he’s a great artist but his art does not fit well with traditional super heroes. I cringe every time I turn a page in this book. It just doesn’t look right.

  6. @thompsonlive JRjr might not be on top of his game, and there are books that suit him better, but you “cringe”? Really? Come on, it’s not THAT bad.

  7. Of course it’s all subject to opinion, but I find that Brightest Day is really dragging on. I think smaller series work better for events, but like I say, it’s just my opinion.

  8. This series really picked up with the previous issue.  Very excited to read this.

  9. @DarthDuck  i agree with you. last issue was my favorite of the series thus far. a lot of fun. hopefully BMB ups the ante in this issue. NO LUNCH BREAKS!

  10. @thompsonlive  JRJR just doesn’t feel on top of his game.  It feels rushed.

  11. @Bendrix I dont know man for me it’s pretty awful. It’s not necessarily his drawing style or anything it’s that the characters just dont look “heroic” (for lack of a better word). For example that big portrait of Steve Rodgers in issue 1 looked nothing like steve to me, I literally didn’t know who it was until I started reading the text. I usually love his art in other books but here it just seems like a bad pairing.

  12. Has anyone else noticed that JRJR’s faces all seem to have whiskers?

  13. And that they all look exactly the same?

  14. @Malecema  Agree – art has been a huge disappointment

  15. I sure hope they get to eat more sandwiches.

  16. I liked the first arc but did not love it…I decided to go back and re-read it in one big chunk because I felt like the story wasn’t as cohesive split apart. Gotta say, so far my re-read has been much more enjoyable. I REALLY like Avengers now and look forward to the future issues. JrJr’s art has been OK but really soomes to be lacking compared to the stuff I’ve seen him draw in the past. I look forward to his depiction of Red Hulk and hope the art improves.

  17. The art is the main reason I dropped this book after issue #2. I’m going to give it another go and see how this infinity gauntlet thing works out.

  18. Wow.  This was stupidly bad.

  19. I liked it, but didn’t Black Bolt get the Space Gem?

  20. Cap’n Steve was colored wrong and was colored with white hair like Captain Marvel near the middle of the book that had me a little confused for a minute… “Why is Noh-varr giving Maria Hill orders?”

  21. huh…I think JRJR’s art is pretty darn good here. I’ve always enjoyed his super hero stuff. It’s actually one of the things that keeps me on this book. I hear a lot of people saying stuff like ‘it’s not as good as the stuff he’s done in the past’ I have to disagree. I’m not exactly sure what criteria people are using here but the art is pretty good.
    The only thing I’ve really not liked is the oral history crap. They need to drop that and the price.

  22. @Doddsickle  You mean one is very entertaining and has a reason to keep going and the other is Brightest Day?

  23. @Zarathos81 Well, I wouldn’t say that…actually…yeah. Yeah I would. I just don’t really enjoy it. I’m sure some people do, it’s just not for me. Still buy it though, so I can’t hate it that much XD

    On a related note, my shop in the UK didn’t get this in today – told me it was delayed until next week. Anyone know why at all? Is it my shops fault or Diamond/some other distribution problem?

  24. I love where this story is going, I’m super psyched for the next issue.

  25. I love how everyone is there for the last page

  26. Last page was great but my god some of the dialogue was a mess.

    “This is aim technology”

    “Who makes them”

    Really? He just told you Strange.

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