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• The Avengers face off against the World Breaker.

• Discover the imminent threat to the Avengers World.

• Watch as we get our first hints as the hidden connections between the events of Avengers and New Avengers.

STORY BY Jonathan Hickman
ART BY Dustin Weaver
COLORS BY Justin Ponsor
COVER BY Dustin Weaver, Justin Ponsor, Daniel Acuna

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Fuck yeah! Avengers double week!

    Last issue was awesome loved Weavers art & I’m really excited with the cliffhanger is the new Starbrand going be good or bad?

  2. Last issue was only okay. It’s tough to feel like the stakes are all that high when they are introduced and the consequences shown in the very same issue. So this crazy powerful world destroy is created and four pages later we meet him! I’m just having trouble feeling all the concerned for the Avengers. The stakes just feel a little forced.

  3. How has this series been so far? Haven`t really paid much attention but kinda want to add more Marvel to my pull list. I have first issue and it was pretty good

    • I am massively biased on Hickman, but I will be honest & say it has been very disjointed in parts but knowing how Hickman crafts his stories into a huge monstrous event the pay-off will be big & rewarding. Which will make you go back & re-read it & spot all the little nuances that make it so great!
      But & the moment it’s all build up related to what’s happening in New Avengers & also for Trinity the FCBD release as well!

    • Oh okay thanks 🙂 Is there a crossover with New Avengers? Will I have to read New Avengers to understand the story or sticking with Avengers will work?

    • You don’t need both since they aren’t crossing over as such, but for the complete experience of what is going on New Avengers gives you a different angle & is much more suited to Hickman’s dark & moody style.

      They both kinda compliment each other in an odd sort of way!

    • @Riley: I don’t mean to pick on you, but I love it when people mix up compliment and complement. And imagining comic books complimenting each other in an odd sort of way was too good to ignore:

      New Avengers is standing outside the Marvel offices. Avengers walks up.

      AV: Hey New Avengers, are those new glasses? They make you look thinner.
      NA: Um…thank you?
      AV: Anytime, buddy.
      NA: You know, I like that Dustin Wea–
      AV: Hey, sorry, man. I gotta run. This double shipping is a killer, you know?

      Avengers exits in a hurry. New Avengers is all alone.

      NA: Yeah. That’s…(sigh)… that’s what I hear.

      New Avengers sheds a lonely tear.

    • Sorry for my misspell!

      But the irony is that I see so many people making spelling mistakes all over the place on this site & no-one ever really picks up on them, so kinda funny really!

    • @kipper2099: I agree with @rileyarmpit32 about being completely biased toward Hickman and how great his building is but this series is testing even my patience. I think I’ve read everything Hickman has done and I love pretty much all of it but he’s right that this series has been disjointed. But…knowing Hickman we’ll all be looking back 12 issues from now and wonder why we were ever worried!

    • Thanks for the advice USPUNX! 🙂 I`m very curious about it being disjointed and looking forward to testing it out

    • Hickman is like Morrison without the drug influence. You will either think it’s the best comic book on the market or be totally confused and lost.

  4. This & New Avengers have been great. Either way you can’t go wrong.

  5. Now that I know more about who Starbrand I am interested to see how Hickman writes this character.

    Of course that would have been more useful LAST issue when I didn’t know what was happening.

  6. I’m one of those Hickman-nuts. Two doses with Avengers and New Avengers this week, and more Hickman next week with East of West coming out!

    I dig it!

  7. I’ve not been reading New Avengers. Having a great time with this one, though!

  8. The past three issues have been so so. I’m a big Hyperion fan, but hate the grey costume. Smasher just seems so unnecessary and isn’t that interesting. Captain Universe is kinda cool — so glad they didn’t try to improve on the classic design.

    But I really want to see some more character interaction — and more of the classic members.

  9. Just ordered my second dozen for the year.

    Hoping the big payoff will finally happen when I’m three dozen issues in.

  10. I was just about to drop this title but this issue has made me rethink my decision. This is the only issue since the first three that I’ve been completely jazzed on.

  11. What a different an issue makes.

    Really had a lot of fun with this. Hickman did a nice job making this fresh even though an unlikely hero has been done a billion times since the dawn of comics. But the real hero of this issue was the jaw-dropping work by Weaver and Ponsor. Just a gorgeous issue from beginning to end and somehow improving over the beauty from last issue. That one panel early on of Captain Marvel is panel of the week for me on a bunch of different levels. Just when I think I am getting tired of this issue, these guys find a way to keep me.


  12. I’ve loved this from issue one and this may have been the best one yet. Incredible. I’ve found a new joy with Dustin Weaver. He juggles the cast beautifully while managing to maintain the various body types, costumes, and faces with a deft hand; Something essential but rare in a team book. And I absolutely love the scope that Hickman’s playing with here. My experience with him doesn’t extend far beyond Secret Warriors, S.H.I.E.L.D, and MP, but he’s made a loyal fan out of me.

    Big ideas, big action, exciting artwork, and sharp, witty dialog make this a much anticipated book for me every two weeks. Keep ’em comin’.


  13. Dig it. Dustin Weaver does some pretty good epic super hero action. That fastball special from space was pretty neat.

  14. I usually love Hickman’s work but this books isn’t quite doing it for me. Agree with other people that I just can’t feel the danger in anything…it feels very sanitized. This issue just felt like the Avengers enjoying trying to beat up on the kid. So far I’m enjoying New Avengers a lot more…maybe because the characters’ personalities are more evident there?

  15. I’m having trouble getting into this book. I know Hickman is a good writer, but I’ve always had a hard time with his stuff. It took me a few issues to even figure out what was really going on. I know I’m not a rocket scientist, but I’m not normally a dolt either. I did like this issue. Things seemed to come together a bit and it will be interesting to see how everything unfolds now that the kid will start understanding more about what happened to him.

  16. Anyone else feel like there hasn’t actually been any story yet? Just 8 issues of exposition?

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